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OIR harescramble?

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by C Hudak, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. C Hudak

    C Hudak PR Addict

    Lordstown, OH
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    How was the OIR harescramble?
  2. 78kl250a

    78kl250a PR Member

    Only like 25-30 bike turnout. Really sloppy and slick. Was a lot of fun though. If it wasn't so slick it would have been a lot more fun. If the quads would have went first i think they would have blown a lot of the slop off. Will definitely go again in the future. Hopefully its a little drier though. The new owners did a good job. A few kinks needed worked out, but overall went really smooth. I think they had a larger quad turnout but not sure on the numbers.

    On another note. Does anyone know who was there taking pictures? I saw some guy in red that i think got a good picture of me. I have never seen him though.
  3. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    i would have went but both my bikes were apart and also they said it was muddy the other day and its been raining on and off all last night. I am a fair weather harescrambler so it sounds like i made a good decision skipping this one. i dont find it fun wrestling with my bike in the slop for two hours straight along with having to pick it up multiple times in mud and kick it over again. i have not dont many of these races but for some reason every single race but one or two i have done has been a mudder and it is roiugh.

    was there hills there at all?
  4. 78kl250a

    78kl250a PR Member

    No hills. There was one short steep spot right after the start but was no problem since you had a ton of run up.

    Anyone have photos?
  5. OIR_Old

    OIR_Old PR Member

    ravenna oh
    Thanks to everyone who came out. Yes it was MUDDY! We had 49 riders total. It wasn't the smoothest day ever but definitely a learning experience. We had a great time hope everyone else did too. Dont forget our first open practice May 15th. We don't know who the photographer was sorry,but we do have many of our own pictures on our facebook page. Thanks again to everyone.

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