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Broken Collarbone.... advice?

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by mordecai, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. mordecai

    mordecai PR Member

    As of last wednesday I joined the list of riders who have broken their collarbones. Is there any advice you guys can give me for healing it possibly faster? I am taking supplements, argenine, calcium, d3, zinc picolate and I also bought an ultrasonic bone growth stimulator. I am just leaving it in the brace and in the sling. I am not moving the arm as much as possible.... little here and there to stretch my arm out because my elbow hurts from staying bent.

    However I figured you guys might have a few little tips.
  2. RobinsonRacing

    RobinsonRacing PR Addict

    Grove City, Ohio, United States
    Racing Number:
    Best thing you can do is keep it in the sling and let it heal. Oh, and enjoy the cool a$$ bump you will have! haha Took me about 6 weeks before riding again. The figure 8 sling is what i used.
  3. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

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    i got mine plated up and it took me about about 3 months till i could ride again. good luck.. its a really crappy bone to break. i still have my bone healer sitting on a shelf. never even took that thing out of the box.
  4. fmxpaul

    fmxpaul PR Addict

    I've broken both of mine and one side twice. There is nothing you can do, but wait it out. Breaking the same side more than once, hurts 10x worse. Best of luck and keep yourself occupied because it's a slow heal. Some young kids try and ride after 6 weeks, but the break is usually still soft and it never heals properly, causing major problems. Don't rush, you'll regret it.
  5. TwentyThreeMX

    TwentyThreeMX PR Founding Father

    chesterland, oh
    broke 4 of them lol... i know we already talked in PM tho.. but yeah.. they suck thats about all u can say
  6. I have had multiple CB breaks too. Keep taking you supplements and drink milk. Use a figure 8 brace, leaving your arm in the sling will actually cause more pain than the 8. Prop pillows around your whole body so you don't roll at night. You will know when you can ride because if you do it too soon you will have some pain or minor discomfort at the break. I rode too soon and rebroke my left on just from normal riding, not even a fall, Took another 6 weeks. The fastest way back to the track is to take it slow and let it heal. Dont know what your break looks like but if it is only in one spot, you take your vitamins, keep it in the figure 8, dont push things and you should notice major improvements at 3-4 weeks, week 4-5 you will be moving your arm pretty good and out of the brace, week 6 you may be able to ride but take it easy.
  7. Ron505

    Ron505 PR Founding Father

    Bremen, Ohio
    Mine was broken in two different places, causing there to be a floating peice, but my doc said I didn't need surgery. took about 3 months before I felt comfortable riding again.

    Good luck, and take it slow.
  8. mordecai

    mordecai PR Member

    getting a plate and screws thursday..... dr gave me the option and i took the surgery.... bone is severely broken and instead of waiting to see how it heals first i am taking the surgery route.
  9. washel157

    washel157 PR Addict

    Were you wearing a neck brace cuz they usually snap the real easy. If so quit wearing it.
  10. mooch

    mooch PR Elite

    I wear my Leatt 99% of the time and ended up breaking my collarbone in two places...BUT, I did it on that very rare occasion when I was NOT wearing the Leatt.

    Had I been wearing it, I would of no doubt thought it was the brace that broke it.

    Full face helmets can also play a role in collarbones breaking, but you're not gonna see me riding around in an open face helmet!
  11. mooch

    mooch PR Elite

    One good thing about a broken collarbone is that it sure didn't result in much pain. Even before having it plated and half azz using my arm and sleeping on it, it didn't bug me much... just a bit of a grinding with a wimpy feel. I had a bunch of broken ribs that happened at the same time and that was more bothersome than the collarbone.
  12. HoyackRacing829

    HoyackRacing829 PR Elite

    i rode my pit bike when i got home from the hospital. dont do that

    I had a 2 place break that left a floating piece that was a plate and 5 screwed back together

    I took my time and after 2 weeks tried what i could to do a much comfortable movement as i could

    3 weeks later i played golf for 5 days in a tournament in Florida. hurt like hell but i played super good, and the plate fixed my swing like no other...
  13. Broke mine in 2002..........Left a nasty bump........Never was the same........of course they should have done surgery but they said i did not need to have it, but now the only way to fix it is to rebreak it and shave it down......But since 7 years later i broke my back I am not too concerned about my collarbone....Good luck with healing!!!!!
  14. TwentyThreeMX

    TwentyThreeMX PR Founding Father

    chesterland, oh
    when i had surgery mine was broke in half.. 1 half was broke in 3 spots the other was like shattered.. worse than theye xpeccted.. had to do a bone graft and all that...surgery was supposed to take like an hour it took over 2.. felt awesome in a week though
  15. mordecai

    mordecai PR Member

    Well on the neck brace issue ill say this. I don't wear a Leatt for the reason that it rested on my collarbone and I've heard a few horror stories. I also didn't like the fit nub so I bought the astars tonic brace which after reading the book it came with made lot of sense why it is so low profile.

    However lay Wednesday was the first day I rode without it as I left it at home..... I am about 99 percent sure it was my helmet that broke it and I personally believe if I had it on I wouldn't have broken my collarbone. Just my opinion, I love my neck brace. The astars has a lot of features that a lot of other braces don't that are there to avoid breaking your back or collarbones.....

    Anyways, what's the recovery like after surgery? I have a ponca qualifier I want to ride the end of may, is that conceivable? Or should I not worry about it ?
  16. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    That's a better question for your doctor than an internet forum..

    It will depend on how fast the bone is healing. I was given the OK to ride "easy" 6 weeks after surgery.
  17. I wouldn't push to ride to soon when i broke mine i rode a lil over a month after and ended up rebreaking it in the first 10mins of riding so make sure its healed.
  18. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    Crute and I actually had the same surgeon do our surgeries. Broke mine in 3 spots, the middle break was shattered and had muscle tissue wound up in it. A plate and 7 screws later I Felt like garbage after the surgery but was water skiing/barefooting two weeks later and was riding after 3 weeks. Didn't get cleared for activity for 2 months...so don't ride until your cleared from your doctor! But before the surgery I couldn't even get out of bed, it sucked.
  19. Woods&Water

    Woods&Water PR Member

    you guys are making me feel guilty! i broke mine 2 weeks ago at area 51. first time collar bone break. the team at buffalo mercy hospital gave me the figure 8 brace, but when i got back home, my dr. told me to wear a sling. well, i wore my 8 brace for about a week and a half all the time. Now i only wear it when I sleep and when i go out (school, store, etc.). Around the house i am much more comfortable without it, as the brace would really make the muscles in my back sore from the way it held my shoulders. i have almost no pain in my collar bone. probably the easiest injury ive ever had to go through. but im still drinking a lot of milk and taking calcium pills!
  20. TPMX #8

    TPMX #8 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    I broke both of mine on 2 different occasions.
    Wore the figure 8 brace.
    I was told a collar bone break would always bother you but once healed other than a bump i would never know I broke them.
    Sure seems to be a part of riding.
    Should buy a bike then go to the hospital and get them to snap both collar bones and get it over with.
    It will heal in no time and youll be back on the bike.
    Plus its early in the season,will be healed before all this rain ever stops!

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