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Malvern Racing Sat. Apr. 23 CRA Sunoco Series

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by MalvernMX, Apr 19, 2011.

  1. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    Hello Everyone!

    Always enjoying motocross and the family that makes motocross special. The 2011 CRA Motocross season is just getting rolling with Round 1 of the Sunoco Series taking place this Saturday April 23 at Malvern Racing. We will have Easter candy to give out to the kids during announcing.

    Gate : 1:00 pm
    Sign-Up : 2:30 pm
    Practice : 3:30 pm
    Racing : 5:00 pm

    Admission : $10
    1st Class : $25.00
    2nd Class : $15.00

    Award Choices : Kames Bucks, Trophy, T-Shirt, Gate Pass

    Happy Easter Everyone!

  2. RichY

    RichY PR Addict

    What is the age limit for the Easter Candy?
  3. Mingo_Kid

    Mingo_Kid PR Member

    Any way to get a track update Saturday morning, so I know how to prepare?
  4. RYDN25

    RYDN25 PR Member

    Rich your never to old for Easter Candy!
  5. RichY

    RichY PR Addict

    Good,, I'll have to bring my F150,, The little car I have will only hold I few big EASTER EGGs.
  6. faithlove617

    faithlove617 PR Addict

    North Canton, OH
    Well, have you ever heard of Mudvern?!?!?! Thats what you can expect, oh yeah, you can expect fun too!!! We will always do what we can to make the best of the track conditions. As for candy, it will be I suppose 12 and under and senior citizens, so you make the cut Rich!!! Love you buddy! :)
  7. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    Just talked to Josh and everything is still a go.Its probably gonna be muddy but alittle mud never hurts.Should be alot of fun.We will do the best we can with the track.
  8. bellinger2525

    bellinger2525 PR Addict

    ill be blairing primus on my way in the gate!!!!!! my name is mud
  9. mx834

    mx834 PR Member

    How much rain did malvern get?
  10. bellinger2525

    bellinger2525 PR Addict

    I pretty sure no matter where u go this weekend its going to be a little muddy,has not rained down round here since last night
  11. crf250r338

    crf250r338 PR Addict

    any track updates yet???
  12. DRacing70

    DRacing70 PR Member

    yes looking for a honest evaluation of the track. especially from maybe someone who is there already or camped out. maybe they can post a response from there phone.???????
  13. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    Just talked with Josh said the track really isnt all that bad Marvin took a 4wheeler around with no prob and B took a pitbike around.Josh thinks we are gonna have a good race track.
  14. A nice day to race! Good luck everyone, do you have to be on the Sunoco series to race certain races?

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