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Lightning Harescramble 4/23/2011 Double Points

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by Schwindy482, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Schwindy482

    Schwindy482 PR Member

    New Phila OH
    There is a Harescramble tomorrow at lightning raceway..
    Sanders Promotions at Lightning Raceway This is a Harescramble

    82585 Craigo Road Tippecanoe, OH 44699

    For Questions on this event, please contact Sanders Promotions NOT Lightning Raceway
    Sign up will be at the top of the hill at the MX sign up bulding.
    NO ROAD CROSSING for this event Fun NEW track!!!
    Beth and the crew from Salem will be there to take care of scoring!

    Gates Open 7 AM

    Sign Up 8:00 AM

    Pee Wee Bikes and MIni Quads 8:30 AM

    Big Bikes 10:00 AM

    Mini Bikes 12:30 PM

    Big Quads 1:30 PM

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