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Mini Moto Madness at the Lube

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by BriarcliffMx, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    All this rain has got me thinking outside the box (Cliff). So we have teamed up with Quaker Steak & Lube, Honda of Marysville Motorsports, Western Power Sports, and Fly Racing to bring pitbike racing to Bike Nights at Quaker Steak and Lube in Polaris. The first one will be a trial run, if it goes "well", then there will be at least four more; one per month through September.

    The first race will be May 18th at the Polaris Quaker Steak & Lube, sign up begins at 5:00, open practice at 6:30, and racing to start at 7:30. We are starting off with a 50 and 110 class (10" and 12" rear wheel). If the response necessitates more classes then thats what we'll do. Honda of Marysville Motorsports is offering up a Go Pro to the winner per class, and gift certificates of $100 and $50 respectively for 2nd and 3rd. We will have other giveaways for racers compliments of Western Power Sports, Fly Racing, and Briarcliff Mx. Now hold onto seat, this is absolutely FREE. No ffee to signup, ziltch, zero, nada, nada III. You wont find a better time on a Wednesday night, 100's of people, a DJ, great food, and pitbike racing. What more could you want? Nevermind, keep that in your head. Hope to see you all at the Lube on Wednesday May 18th!
  2. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    I thought you didn't do races? :p
  3. Ron505

    Ron505 PR Founding Father

    Bremen, Ohio
    Wow, sounds cool. I'm interested in where the track will fit. That place gets packed on Bike Nights.
  4. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    Ron - We have made room. A little ingenuity goes a long way.

    Pit - Blah Blah blah....
  5. sparky11

    sparky11 PR Member

    Could we try a womens class, I know we could get a few out there to show off there moto......
  6. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    Sorry Glenn - The first go at it, we are keeping it simple. I will seperate the kids if we get some, but as far as adults go its every man and women for themselves. Now, I know the golden question, at what age is a kid considered an adult? I'm not talking legally here, I'm talking Moto, if you can ride an adult bike at 16, then in moto you're an adult. So, 16+. Unless you're a sasquatch at 15.
  7. sparky11

    sparky11 PR Member

    Thanks Jeremy, just got back from the NC Area in Byron Ill. a really long weekend. The track turned out good by second moto, britt got some major arm pump and had a hard time hanging on. She ended up 8th overall out of 16 women, another good turn out for the women.

    ME had 13 3rd overall Wildcat
    NE had 16 8th overall Elizabeth City
    SE had 16 6th overall Mill Creek
    NC had 16 8th overall Byron Ill.

    We should be able to make the Lube Show for sure....
  8. Is this event rain or shine??? Who is making the call? I need to know before tomorrow moring in order to have the bikes with me at work to make it to the race.......
  9. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    Nope tomorrows event is postponed. We will not be having the race tomorrow night. They're looking at next Wednesday, I will post info as I have it available.
  10. Ron505

    Ron505 PR Founding Father

    Bremen, Ohio
    What? You guys going to "poser" night at the Lube....lol.

    Hope to see you there if the weather ever clears.
  11. So, are we gonna rock this thing tomorrow night or what?
  12. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    Postponed again!

    Guys, I think the key here is that Quaker Steak really wants to do a good job, but we need mother nature to give us some help here too. I know this sucks, but dont give up. We will keep trying.
  13. Bummer.... Well next week already has the mid-week race planned for my crew... We have another "Lube" race in Sheffield, OH on a full on dirt mini track. Hard to get out of the Laboratory early more than once a week...

    P.S. Happy Birthday Jeremy
  14. tomorrow????
  15. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    I thought everyone was headed to the other one? Either way, QSL is looking at there facility shcedule, I guess this week with memorial day is all screwed up. So they are looking for a wednesday in june that will fit their schedule. I will make a whole other thread when i know the date. This one is tainted with the cancellation virus.....
  16. yeah most of the ohio an PA boys are heading to sheffield on thursday, I just didn't know if they had still planned on tomorrow. Just checking so i can let the crew know. thanks!
  17. LuckyStar64

    LuckyStar64 PR Addict

    I'm planning on going-- I'll post up a ride report tomorrow night. Hope some Vets show up other than Trevor and Shawn.... ---L*64
  18. LuckyStar64

    LuckyStar64 PR Addict

    So I went to the Lube tonight... it was a great event! The track was big (for a restaurant) and fun. I was thinking that Brent was gonna make it pro-gnarly, but he kept it mellow and fun. Actually-- my 150F was way too much bike for the track. It was a perfect setup for a stock 110. The vibe was more party than race, which is what makes pit bike events such a hoot. After the racing was done-- there was about 40 minutes of open riding. The only thing I'd change up for next time would be to cut out the pavement section aside from the start. The track is big enough to just run a couple more laps in the dirt.

    If ya weren't there, ya missed a great time. I imagine that they'll have a couple more races this summer, so dust off whatever you got in the shed, or borrow your kids' bikes for the next race. Best of all-- I only spent a $20 spot.

    Thanks to Jay, Brent, and anybody else who put in all the work in to make it happen. You guys and gals did a good job for the first time out. ---L*64

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