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Heavy fork springs

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by BigYac, Oct 19, 2012.

  1. BigYac

    BigYac PR Member

    Dover, Ohio
    I am wanting to stiffen up the forks on my KX 500. According to the Race Tech site I need a .57kg fork spring. I think the largest they list is .5kg. I should probably just call them but was wondering if anyone on here knows where to find heavier fork springs. Thanks. :)
  2. beamer315

    beamer315 PR Addict

    akron, ohio
    Call up factory connection. (866) 220-1151

    I did the forks on a cr125 for a big kid. Funny that the heaviest springs I could find we're same as stock from any of the manufactures. Factory connection was very helpful and custom made springs in the rate I needed. Shipped to my door in about 15 days for a reasonable amount. Slightly more than regular off the shelf stuff.
  3. TCracing

    TCracing PR Addict

    Sounds like Beamer has the answer.
    If that option fails you could get the heaviest rate you can find and then preload with washer stacks. As long as you dont go too far and cause the spring to bind (fully collapse) before full compression, travel of the fork.
  4. mxpilot

    mxpilot PR Elite

    Egg Harbor Twp., NJ
    Racing Number:
    FCR has always had heavier springs for me (and I needed them), and they have a TON of them sitting on the shelf, would think they'd be able to help. Not sure how heavy I used, but it was over .50
  5. BigYac

    BigYac PR Member

    Dover, Ohio
    I think I"m just going to take beamer's advice and call Factory Connection. My shock is fine but I can really notice the front being too soft, if they can custom make some springs I'm going to go that way :)

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