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KYB Shock

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by TCracing, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. TCracing

    TCracing PR Addict

    OK I am not an expert on anything, But claim to know everything, If you bought something I could have gotten it for nearly half what you paid for it, and if you have one... Well I've got two, and they are way better.

    Except when it comes to shocks. Unfortunately I am at my whits end over the whole concept of rebuilding a KYB rear shock. Not that it seems difficult, seems easier than forks actually. Hear is the thing. My understanding is, to do this correctly, and make sure all air is out of the system. You "must" use a vacume pump and purged the oil in the system.

    I know for a fact that many places just do it the old fashioned way, Overflowing the bladder and seal head, yadayayada.

    Please don't say take it to (whoever suspension) Thats not really helpful. looking for someone who has had both procedures and opinions on comparing the two. PROs / CONs.
  2. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    I've watched nearly all the professional suspension folk in Ohio and have never seen any of them use a vacuum pump for bleeding a regular shock.
  3. baxterj787

    baxterj787 PR Addict

    Xenia, OH
    I have never used a vac pump. I just overfill and bleed the air extensively. I also have all adjusters to full soft to allow more oil flow.
  4. MXracn746

    MXracn746 PR Addict

    Obetz, Ohio
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