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East Coast Suspension - Air Forks

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by Spagina, Apr 10, 2013.

  1. Spagina

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    Beaver Falls, Pa
    I just wanted to take some time to say thank you to John Curea, owner of East Coast Suspension in Enon Valley, PA.

    I bought a new 2013 CRF 450 in February. From day one I had mixed emotions about the bike. The frame geometry, seat/bar/footpeg positioning, and balance felt AMAZING on the bike. I have always liked the way Honda's handled so that is why i went with a CRF.

    Now, for the bad. I weigh 195 lbs and still felt that the bike was very stiff. After 4-5 rides it broke in some, but it did not impress me much at all. The forks felt very harsh and i felt every acceleration bump, breaking bump, or any other chop for that matter, in the palms of my hands. The shock wasn't too bad, but it did like to hop and skip coming out of corners. The way the bike handled was not confidence inspiring. I felt that i could not push, or ride close to any sort of edge. The front end wanted to push, and i noticed that i rode in a very neutral position and was not comfortable getting my weight over the front of the bike.

    I talked to John about how i wanted the bike to feel - i like when the rear end squats coming out of corners, and just sticks. I also told him that i am trying to focus on getting my weight over the front end of the bike so that i can ride more agressively.

    I picked up my suspension from John this past Saturday. I talked to John a bit about the air forks and he gave me a lot of tips on how to keep the bike and suspension working properly. He told me to let him know how the bike felt and to call him if i needed any advice or clicker settings.

    I went riding on Sunday on a pretty rough track. From the moment the bike was pulled out of my van i could tell that it was a whole lot more plush than what i had before. I spent a whole day pounding out hard laps at breezewood proving grounds, and could not be happier with the bike. I felt myself hanging over the front end with confidence, and i was tracking out of corners without any hop/skip action. My friends even mentioned that they knew i loved the suspension before i even said anything to them, because i did about 25 laps straight without pulling off. My palms no longer felt beat up, and i didnt realize until later that day that i really didnt even get arm pump - this is a first in years for me as i have only rode off and on for the last couple years of college... never enough riding time to shake the arm pump.

    Sorry for the book guys, i just wanted to say that if anyone else is having problems with their air forks, or with any suspension, to give John a call. I moved to Virginia, so i am not local anymore, but i will continue to send each and every set of suspension i have to John because he takes care of people, he is quick, and my stuff works better than anything else i have ever used.

    If you would like any suspension work done, call John Curea at: 724-336-3293

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