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suspension advice needed before purchasing a new bike

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by jhayes, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. jhayes

    jhayes PR Member

    I'm looking for some feedback on which direction to go. I am in the market for a new 450 and I'm not sure what way to go. I really want a bike that has amazing power, so I can ride a gear high and I'm a power loving rider. I was thinking about the 2013 models because of price. I have around $1000-1200 to put into the bike once I have it. I was thinking about the kx and have been hearing that they don't handle/corner well. Started looking at the KTM and they say the forks/spring are in need of a lot of help. (I'm reading this over at MXA.) I don't want to buy either bike and then find out I need to save more money to be happy with it. I really want to be able to corner/handle like its on rails, once that is solved I'll be set. With the kawi I am worried that I'll make a bunch of changes to fix the problems but maybe not fix it right the first time (selecting wrong components) and blowing the budget. With the KTM I'm worried that the WP suspension will just need too much fixed and I'll be steered towards replacing vs fixing. I'm hoping that someone that was in my shoes will be able to show me the light.

    I'm 6'1" with boots and 230 in gear, I'm slow but I like to hit all the big jumps.
  2. TwentyThreeMX

    TwentyThreeMX PR Founding Father

    chesterland, oh
    If you want a bike that corners you want the RMZ. I happen to have one in the garage for sale with low hours, 2013. Lol. Suspension was all revalved and might be perfect for your weight.

    Hit me up if any interest.
  3. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    KX - 450 all the way. Bigger guys love them...!!
    The forks you can pump up to fit your weight and $150 will get you a shock spring from SRS. After that, you should be good to go.
    KX= great motor, adjustable (big) ergos, and good suspension.
    It will turn just fine......
  4. Vet261

    Vet261 PR Addict

    Valley City, Ohio
    Wow, shocker that Stacy thinks you should buy the brand of bike that he happens to have for sale! haha

    Truthfully, any of the 450's are big boy bikes but KX would get my vote as well. Although, arguably the fastest guy in the world right now rides one and he's a little guy!


    Canton Ohio
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    I got to go with Crute on this one. Every Suzuki I have ridden handles like a dream. And I mean that from having a 2-stroke 250 to riding my buddies 2013 RMZ450. KX will definately knock your socks off with power though, but my 250F didnt handle like I thought it would have though, but that was also a 2007.
  6. dwinship463

    dwinship463 PR Member

    Elyria, OH
    If you get a kawasaki youll be checking fork air pressure every ride or moto ive heard, and will still probably want a revalve. KTM has all the power you can want, just not as instantly as the KX. IMO if you are revalving or buying a fork air pump it will be the same as having the suspension revalved and sprung on a ktm. im 260lbs and rode 450 at the briarcliff and redbud demos and loved the bike, more than the 350 that i have now. the suspension was real good and pretty balanced, a little soft but not too soft for me, some springs and good oil would probably be fine for me. out of all the bikes i rode at the KTM demos the 450 handles the best for me. idk why it just does, seems to stay in the ruts and keep tugging away. power is real smooth but just keeps getting stronger. it wil be my next bike.
  7. MX099

    MX099 PR Addict

    Oil City, PA
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    I have a KX. I set the pressure with the free pump that comes with the bike and it's good all day.
  8. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
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    Ask Jimmy Jarrett about the air forks and what he runs on his bikes now.

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