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'02 RM250. KYB vs. Showa

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by SCHAFFERNOCKER, Nov 3, 2014.



    Canton Ohio
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    Does anyone have experience with both KYB and Showa suspension for the RM's? Alot of stuff I read says making the switch is worth it. Being I just got the right size springs for my KYB stuff, im wondering how "worth it" will it be to pay the extra money for the Showa swap.

    Or do I just get my KYB stuff revalved and be done with it.
  2. Coppersmith Powersport

    Coppersmith Powersport Noob

    Akron, Ohio
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    Both KYB and Showa make quality suspension. Specifically your open chamber KYB forks have an older technology then 2004 and newer RM 250 Showa closed chamber (cartridge) fork. So I would have to say YES the Showa is a better route in this case, although some riders prefer the open chamber fork for enduro/woods riding.

    I am not saying KYB suspension is inferior, the early 2000's was just a transition period when companies where starting to gravitate to the newer cartridge kit fork technology. In fact the current KYB forks/shock on the 2014/15 YZF's is some of the best oem suspension ever made.
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  3. KX514

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    I'd have to agree, I've ridden both and the Cartridge Showa forks are a much better option. If you can afford it, I'd say go for it dude. The technology is leaps and bounds better in the Showa's.

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