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Posting Guidelines (2017)

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by Admin, Jan 20, 2015.

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    A Note to the Riders
    Riders are encouraged to post race/event information on behalf of tracks. Please include the source of your information. When responding to race days please be as constructive as possible. Support your local track so your local track can stay open for you. This means volunteering your time. This means promoting and attending their races. Signing up for a couple classes. You might have to stay longer than a practice day. It might be hot. After 4 laps you might not be the first across the checkered but by showing up and participating your track wins which means you win too. You might even have a story or two to tell your grandchildren when you get older.

    Track Owners/Promoters
    All track owners are encouraged to post your race dates and times here. It's easy and it's free. For better results please include important weather information, camping, gate times, track conditions, costs and other information pertaining to your race. Please be honest about track conditions. You'll gain the rider's trust in the long run. Keep an eye on your thread for questions a rider may have. Come back and check for feedback after your race. Many businesses have a huge budget for market research for what you get on here for free. Sometimes it isn't what you want to hear. Let's face it. These guys are brutally honest on here sometimes. However tracks that listen and adapt also get in return just as much positive feedback. PitRacer doesn't have employees so we can't monitor each and every post every second, but we do have a team of volunteers that monitor the threads and can take quick action against the occasional flamer.

    It may seem redundant because all of this information is on your Facebook page or your website but think about it for a second. It may take 3 minutes of your time to post on PitRacer. If you get one additional person for that 3 minutes of work that's $75/hr you're earning. If you happen to get 10 additional riders for 3 minutes of work that's $750/hr. Not to mention all the phone calls you didn't have to answer.

    Before you post
    Track Guide - Is your information current in our Track Guide. If you're not listed you should create a listing. If you are listed you're existing login should have permissions to edit this listing. A simple Go-Pro video can replace 10,000 words but be sure to at least include basic information such as your website, address, email address and phone number. You can PM the Admin account or email support @ pitracer.com (no spaces) for assistance with your Track Guide listing.
    Signature - Your posts should have a signature that includes your website, facebook page, track guide page or wherever you're storing your basic information so you don't have to give directions every time you post. To edit your signature select "Settings" in the upper right corner then select "Edit Signature".
    Username - Change your username from Greg to Greg@TheTrack or TheTrack so riders know who they're communicating with. You can PM the Admin account or email support @ pitracer.com (no spaces) to change your username.
    Avatar - Change your avatar to your track logo. To edit your Avatar select "Settings" in the upper right corner then select "Edit Avatar".

    Posting Your Race/Event
    Before you post please check to see if your race has already been posted. For 2015 we've already loaded all known Mid-West schedules. Check the calendar or look under your track guide. It may already be loaded. If so just edit it. If not create a new event by selecting the "Post New Event" button.


    You'll see some new fields here. These fields are all important as explained below.

    Event: The typical format for an event title is Event @ Track (Date).



    Venue: The Venue is the track. Just start typing and your track should pop up.


    Why do we need this extra field? This will link your event to the track guide. If someone stumbles across your track from Google they will see your upcoming events and maybe you'll get an extra bike on the gate.

    Example: http://pitracer.com/trackguide/track.cgi?Track=274

    Sanction: The Sanction is optional. This will link this event to the sanction query:
    Example: http://pitracer.com/calendar/index.cgi?Series=MXSports

    Date/Time: Be sure to include the actual date and start time and duration of the event.

    A typical one day event. This event will start at 8:00am and end at 2:00pm the same day.

    A typical 2 day event is a 33 hour duration. This event will start at 8:00am and end the following day at 5:00pm.

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