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Free slushies tonight at Youngstown MX

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by Youngstown MX, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Youngstown MX

    Youngstown MX PR Addict

    240 Sinter,Ct Youngstown,Oh
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    image.jpg Open tonight 5- dark. ITS HOT OUT SO.... Everyone gets a free slushie!!!
  2. john lilly

    john lilly PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    The slushies were a nice treat. Track was on point. Not crowded, no rain. Our bike is running great and Bob from Pro-action dialed in Jonathans suspension, thanks Bob. Ed Lisowski hooked me up with some amazing wings, Strouble and I drank a couple beers. Jonathan and I got to see some friends. The price to ride was nice. There was a drone, any chance of seeing the video. To the owner, thanks for a great night of practice.
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  3. jrminiquad

    jrminiquad PR Member

    Salem, OH
    I thought Ed only ate Taco Bell?

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