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Legends Race Today

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Elliott4179, Aug 22, 2015.

  1. Who's your pick to win? Gonna go with Reynard if he can keep it on two wheels. Can never count the GOAT out though.
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  2. Mark5

    Mark5 PR Member

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    Thinking windham...?
  3. trent56mx

    trent56mx PR Addict

  4. Austin40

    Austin40 Noob

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    I was at ironman today. Omg guy cooper made the current pros look like pussys he was launching it over Godzilla and the redbull triple. He cleared everything with ease. I was amazed the old bastard had that much balls.
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  5. detour174

    detour174 PR Member

    He has big balls sorry but RC romped them
  6. k.c

    k.c PR Member

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    Some little short guy won I think they said his name was mr ricdy carcycle or something .I guess they call him the goat or something like that he has a number 4 on his yellow tricycle I think he used to race dirt bikecycles and was like the mx and sx tricycle champion back in the day.LOL DID YOU REALLY EXPECT ANYTHING ELSE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE GREATEST RIDER OF ALL TIME WHO WAS GOING TO GO OUT THERE AND BEAT THAT MAN.THATS MR RICKY CHARMICHAL WERE TALKING ABOUT THE MAN THE MYTHE THE LEGEND THE GOAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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