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Amherst 8-28 (Friday)

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by Amherst Meadowlarks, Aug 24, 2015.

  1. Open practice Friday 8-28
    6pm - dark
    $10 per rider
    Limited prep
  2. To receive auto texts from the track follow the directions below.

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  3. MX955

    MX955 PitRacer Pro

    Racing Number:
    I wish more tracks did this...
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  4. Cooper foster Rd is closed from target shopping plaza to track. Use Milan / North Ridge to Crosse rd to access track if road still closed.
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  5. premix

    premix PR Member

    Sweet. Had a damn good time last weekend. I'd pay an extra 50 to keep the quads off the track though.
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  6. We filled in another Double on Tuesday, making the track more rider friendly. It won't effect faster guys.
  7. mawilk6

    mawilk6 PR Member

    Quads allowed?

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