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BC Battle for Ohio 8-29 & 8-30

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by BriarcliffMx, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    Battle Info Sheet 2015_Front.jpg 2015 Battle Flyer.jpg
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  2. Cody Wolford

    Cody Wolford PR Member

    Track was amazing. By far my favorite layout. Pretty fast and smooth. Couldn't of been happier.

    Now it's possible I didn't see them because I was riding but maybe a few more flaggers. Especially in the sharp corners.also the amount of pit riding was crazy. Way to many young young kids and going way to fast.
    But thanks for a good track, race and race day.

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