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John Shay

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Art Eckman, Sep 8, 2015.

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    One person that nobody ever hardly talks about when local heros come up, is John Shay. From Burghill, Oh, Shay landed a 13th overall in the 1985 season with a STACKED 250 class that year: Ward, O'Mara, Johnson, Hannah, Carson, Holley, Burnsworth, Diamond, Carson, Brecker, Hicks, Myerscough, Lachein...? Thats already 13 riders that are without doubt legends. That being said, Shay earned a national number of 48, only finishing out of the top 20 once. Along with a 6th at washougal....6th overall!!! Thats one of the best seasons a local ohio native has broughtto the table. He also had decent 84 and 86 seasons, just some bad luck. But this season and man should be talked about way more when the local favorites are brought up for sure.
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    Agree! Shay is a bad dude and still flys!!!!

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