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Amherst MX 10/4/15

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by Amherst Meadowlarks, Sep 28, 2015.

  1. Amherst Meadowlarks MX RaceOctober 4
    Wiseco Piston Cup Fall Series
    Dane Leimbach Memorial Race
    Gates open at 6pm Sat night, $10 per person, camping included.
    Gate closes 11pm Sat: Re Opens 6am Sunday
    Sign-ups @ 7am
    Practice @9 am
    Racing @11 am
    $25 1st class
    $25 2nd class
    $20 Pee Wee track
    6700 Crosse Road Amherst, Ohio 4400
  2. We are only expecting a little light rain on Saturday, we will post on track conditions Saturday evening
  3. The track was sealed before the rain came. The rain is expected to stop by 9pm. The wind will help dry the track overnight. As of now there is no standing water.
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    And the pee wee track?
  5. Peewee track was also sealed but 1 corner had standing water
  6. The rain has stopped as of 730pm Saturday.
    We will run the race Sunday. The track was sealed and it's windy so it will dry out some. Practice will be soft but the track will be good by 2nd motos

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