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Kames Saturday Night Series Postponed

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by MalvernMX, Sep 29, 2015.

  1. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    This Saturday, Oct. 3, is the second to last Kames Saturday night race. We will have practice for bikes and quads from 830-230. $25/rider. Everyone will be charged the $10 gate fee for the evening race. If you leave before 3 pm, that will be refunded to you.
    Sign up for the races will begin at 2pm, pre race practice at 330, and the races will start about 5. It's going to be perfect fall riding weather, so get out there and have some fun!!
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  2. Baker_741

    Baker_741 PR Member

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    I wanna ride a good well prepped track this weekend. So I'm gonna try to come.
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  3. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    With the weather forecast calling for rain tonight and tomorrow morning, we are going to cancel practice for tomorrow. We will make a final decision tomorrow morning between 10 and 11 if we think the rain will continue enough to cancel the race.
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  4. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    Appreciate the advanced notice, thanks!
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  5. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    We are going to cancel the race tonight. The combination of rain, temps in the 40's and poor track conditions do not make for an enjoyable race for anyone. We are looking at a make up date of next Sunday, making next weekend a two day race. More info later on if we can make that work. We are also considering opening for practice tomorrow depending on what time it quits raining this evening. Mother Nature is not my friend right now!!!
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  6. saplakc

    saplakc PR Addict

    Why not just hold the race tomorrow???? Bummer about the rain.
  7. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    Can't get everyone lined up on that short of a notice. We thought of that too! Good thought tho!
  8. john lilly

    john lilly PR Addict

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    I know it might be a bit early but do you have any type of feeling about practice tomorrow?
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