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Positives about the local racing scene!!!!

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by john lilly, Oct 4, 2015.

  1. john lilly

    john lilly PR Addict

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    I would like to hear from you people out there, positives about the local racing scene. I know there are plenty of positive things we can say about these tracks/promoters (race, practice, outlaw, private tracks, I don't care) especially the promoters that bust their arses to bring us racing and practice tracks. Honestly, I don't care what we mention on here but lets see if we can come up with some nice things to say about mx in our area. It wouldn't hurt to maybe give some of these track owners some compliments on what they do right and what you really like about them, their tracks, their promotions, something, anything. I would like to say what, I like most about mx, are the great people that me and my son have made friends with over the last five years of riding. I truly believe that these people are the back bone of what makes our country so great and why I enjoy MX. Honestly, lets keep this positive and say something good about what we like about our local scene.
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  2. mxkid

    mxkid PR Member

    I like all the different class choices to choose from.
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  3. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
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    It's too easy to take for granted the positives and pick out little negatives. Good thought here.

    I LOVE the fact that I have 10 options with in e few hours drive to ride on any given weekend. A day on a bike is better than a day not. We are lucky to have so many committed track owners in our area. In my travels I have found that not many places have the amount of choices we do for riding so close.

    I think the dedication of these owners knowing the bashing they will get is amazing.
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  4. C Hudak

    C Hudak PR Addict

    Lordstown, OH
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    Somewhere to ride about every night of the week on a groomed track, within an hour of my house!
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  5. Dano762

    Dano762 PR Member

    Hebron Kentucky
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    Dirt Country's Flashback to the 80's weekend was a blast and the free race entry for old bikes was much appreciated. Host again next year and I'd happily pay to race.
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  6. MalvernMX

    MalvernMX PR Addict

    Well John I think you deserve a two part thank you for this thread. First the obvious, for saying something nice about local promoters. Second and formost for creating a thread that Knox will have no interest in commenting on. Lol
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  7. Ron505

    Ron505 PR Founding Father

    Bremen, Ohio
    A positive thread? What's this world coming to?

    No really, it is refreshing to see. Pitracer is a big plus for the Ohio scene!
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  8. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    I got $110 worth of Rocky Mountain atv gift cards for racing that I can't get just on a practice day.
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  9. ck1racerx

    ck1racerx PR Addict

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    1 My Chili Trophy tells me so
    :oops: Positives? Wow. I am not use to this... But I will try ...JASON... :p
    Just by the tracks we have been to this year.
    Briarcliff: Love the track marshal that actually stops riders when they do something wrong. Place has a "national" feel. Many good things.
    Chillitown : Everything. No track does an event better. The gold standard.
    COCR: They are still running races after all these years.
    DMC: Computer sign-up. Best in the area.
    Dirt Country: Dare I say the best dirt in the state. AMAZING turn around of what it use to be.
    East Fork: Great dirt. Good prep and a huge investment in the future of Ohio moto.
    Pusheta Creek: Good location. No other tracks around.
    Rt. 62 : Adding outdoor racing and the willingness to try different stuff. Doing it for the love of the sport. Great attitudes.
    Treaty City: uuuuuuu. mmmmmm... Its close to my house???

    All in all I think we have excellent promoters and track owners. The willingness to put up with me and a few to actually seek out my opinion and suggestions makes me a very happy, crazy, 50 dad. No doubt the future of moto in the area has a VERY bright future.

    Yes, I died a little inside typing this.
  10. Original44

    Original44 PR Addict

    Without a doubt, it's the time I send with my son. It's the friend that I made throughout the years. That's what I enjoy the most about going to the motocross track.

    Big Game (great track prep and best dirt in Ohio), TV Land (nice track changes), Malvern (always good track prep) have all stepped up in NEO and made better local races. The Battle series races have been great to.
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  11. pasimp57

    pasimp57 PR Addict

    Lots of class choices. Limited combined classes, hours and hours to BS with friends, 3 races per weekend, sandbagging allowed in all classes, 4 laps of practice, absolutely no cheating goes on, laid back pee wee parents, no alcohol permitted on the gate, forums to offer constructive criticism, no AMA card required, camp fires allowed, last weeks hot dogs re-heated, announcers at 7am when camping overnight, dust, mud, dog s**t, long sign up lines, no lines, computer sign ups, computer sign ups that don't work, gates open at 3, only to find out they opened at 11, and there's no room, I'm proud to be a coal miner's daughter 6 days straight, don't use gps coordinates to our track, use this map.......duh, we'll dress the face of the jump ONLY after 6 riders bite the bullet, fashionable rain boots, $2 brooms to sweep a concrete gate, no broom to sweep a concrete gate, dads throwing dirt on a concrete gate, the overall 250B LL winner's mechanic tamping down the line 6' past the gate, last week's re-heated burgers, saved RV spots for those who have money, no pit bikes allowed, pit riders must wear a helmet, if you wish to protest, please spend 4 hours trying to find the referee, spring qualifiers with not enough tractors to pull everyone in and out, do you have a spare spark plug, do you have a spare wheel, can we borrow a bike, 1st gear through the pits, USA or Canada...you won't wear it anyway, hats ON for the national anthem, spandex.......ugh, no tp in the porta pot, folks who miss the pot in the porta pot, a date of 2009 on the service sheet in the porta pot, pit spots taped off 3 weeks in advance, "who was taking photos" comments, C class, 50 class, Old farts Classes, no women's Class, do you have any air,? can I BORROW some, mod motors, stock motors, don't worry about the rocks, you'll pack them in, red buuuuuud, over charging at sx events, check our web page for cancellations....yeah right, it's not rained here, 2" taller trophies for special races, highly qualified flaggers, sleeping flaggers, no flaggers, sorry but we are out of ketchup, we are waiting on the scorers, we are waiting on the ambulance, that's my spot...i park here every week and I'm a member, trains at 3am, m80s at 2am, we'll groom and water for practice, no overnight camping...unless we know you, bring your own wood..don't cut ours down, quiet time is 10pm, generators off at 10pm, it's always the nastiest loudest generator that parks next door, dogs that crap in your pit, owners that watch their dog crap in your pit....then get it thrown at them. Did I miss anything????? Believe it or not, these are the things I miss, it's MX for heaven's sake. Gotta love it.
  12. wbecker

    wbecker PR Member

    Clinton, Ohio
    I was in PA over the weekend picking up a bike. Told the "kids" in the back prepping the bike (they both raced) that I was from Ohio. They were jealous. They said our track and racing scene in Ohio blows theirs away.

    I think we have it better than we realize here. Heck, after all of the rain on Saturday, there were still 3 tracks open yesterday within 1 hour drive time from me. Our biggest problem was deciding where to go.

    Lots of opinions (and some bickering) on this site, and it's fun to read. In the end, I got back into MX because I had so much fun doing it as a kid and lots of wonderful memories. Now my son is getting the same enjoyment from the sport and he'll hopefully learn a few of life's lessons doing it and, more importantly, make lasting memories as well.

    I don't get too caught up in worrying about more classes, less classes, more laps, less laps, track too rough, track too smooth, etc, etc, etc. Just go ride your dirt bike, be thankful we can, and go have fun. Thanks to all of the tracks/promoters for giving us a place to play (and for us old guys, helping us stay young - or at least young at heart)!
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  13. john lilly

    john lilly PR Addict

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    While I'm not sure this was all that positive, it is some funny s**t and made me laugh so, I will give it a like anyway. CK1 and hershey don't get any ideas from this...lol
  14. pasimp57

    pasimp57 PR Addict

    It's all positive John. Even the negative. (with the exception of porta potties...which we ended up buying and bringing our own small one every week.)
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  15. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    The racing in ohio sucked after d12 folded. And really d12 could of been better. (less a few phenomenal promoters). Practice scene in ohio was on point from 2005-present.

    Now racing is on point. I want to race again. Three years ago...I was like well. Maybe I'll race, maybe I won't. Now it's clear we are getting competition coming to us. (Ezra Hastings....etc) so that means Fierce racin.

    That's my positive. FIERCE COMPETITION is coming back to Ohio. Something right is happening. Let's keep that momentum and make it better yet.
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  16. ktrop251

    ktrop251 PR Member

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    Plenty of places to ride! It's nice having a handful of tracks within an hour of my house to choose from on almost any given day.
    Track prep seems like it's getting better with all the tracks (some still hit or miss) but in all everyone has gotten better over the years.
    Another thing I've noticed is that some tracks are open longer hours. I am ALWAYS late. No matter what, I find a way. So to the tracks that are open past 3 I say, thank you!
    In all over the past 10 years that I've been riding the scene has changed tremendously, some good, some bad.
    I'd like to say thank you to all the guys that bust their butt to give us places to ride. Without the promoters and track owners we would all be riding wheelies in Cleveland...
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  17. KTM555

    KTM555 PR Member

    Jewett, Ohio
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    THAT'S what gets me every time! Just makes you wanna cut the plug wire or pi$$ in the gas tank or something...Seriously though, love how the quality of local motocross has gotten much better the last 5 years that I've been riding/racing. I mean back when I started none of the races really had that "big event" feel, especially compared to what Chillitown, Briarcliff and Malvern have become. Just wish there were more tracks that would allow quads to ride.
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  18. Art Eckman

    Art Eckman Noob

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    Positives, I definitely like the oma rocky mountain mc gift cards every sign up. And how mavern said at the area qualifier that there is no tolerance to any parents yelling/coming down hard on their kid. I saw a lady yelling at her son on a 65 at tvland one day and wanted to whip a dirt pie at her forehead
  19. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    I dig all the advice I get from riders regarding track changes......huge help....thanks guys!
  20. day181

    day181 PR Elite Staff Member

    Columbus, OH
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    Hard to tell if you're being sarcastic or not but that track you got there right now is the most intelligent design I've ever seen at BC. It actually reminded me of RedBud. Safe and challenging for all skill levels. Flows real nice. That's hard to accomplish. Well done sir.
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