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Pymatuning cancelled for tonite rescheduled for sat oct 24th

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by PYMATUNINGMX, Oct 17, 2015.



    Sorry guys ,when I left last nite even after two days of on and off rain I thought. We had a chance for today. We received more rain over nite and we just are in the midsts of a downpour that has changed over to snow. The temp is 38 and that's the high with more rain and snow all day and tonite. With that forecast and the fact that the track is already trashed I don't want to put anyone through that misery so were going to reschedule for next sat the 24th. Mother nature has not been are friend this fall .


    When the sun came out for a couple of hours this afternoon when it was supposed to be raining I have to admit was was bummed the we made the wrong call for today's race . Then around 5 o'clock it started to pour again and for the last hour it's been snow and rain with 37 degree temps , it's definitely a miserable nite that none of us would of wanted to be in besides the fact that the track really got swamped overnite and this morning . Hopefully next week brings better weather good luck to any riders that head to big game tomorrow sounds like their weather has been a lot dryer.

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