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Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by msinclair, Oct 20, 2015.

  1. msinclair

    msinclair PR Member

  2. Original44

    Original44 PR Addict

    That is very cool!!! I have the 1976 and 1977's Ohio State Champion results if you would like me to post them.

    Does anyone remember the Buckeye Series? It was part of the qualifying system that they used for the AMA Amateur National Championship. This was before they started Loretta Lynn's. This is for Cycle News 1980.
    Scan0006.jpg Scan0002.jpg Scan0001.jpg Scan0003.jpg Scan0004.jpg
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  3. ck1racerx

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    I miss good old cycle news articles. You know, back when there were actually words written to tell the story and not just endless pictures of every Tom, Dick or Harry doing whips.
    "I hate this track" can you imagine the shite storm that would create if you posted that about a track on here? Great stuff
  4. Vet261

    Vet261 PR Addict

    Valley City, Ohio
    An article from 1980 complaining about dust at Western Reserve.....haha.
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  5. Original44

    Original44 PR Addict

    And something never change. LOL!!
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  6. Westernreservemc

    Westernreservemc PR Addict

    Salem, Ohio
    We knew that article was sure to resurface someday so we had do do something about it !!

    We dug out our retention pond this summer to more than double the capacity. Dust was not much of a problem at either of our MX races this year.
  7. Racer842

    Racer842 PR Addict

    Planet Pluto
    I see my self on that start . at western reserve.
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  8. Windtunnel36

    Windtunnel36 PR Addict

    Oberlin, Ohio
    I see Mike Reisinger's name in 4th in 100 class.
  9. msinclair

    msinclair PR Member

    Original, how about posting those 1976 & 1977 results!
  10. jrminiquad

    jrminiquad PR Member

    Salem, OH
    I was told by some of the old timers at WRMC that the Buckeye Series was huge. A three day event at WRMC with so many people that they had to park them across the road in the farm fields. Then Combs swept in and shut the series down to start the Loretta Lynn series.
  11. Original44

    Original44 PR Addict

    image.jpeg image.jpeg
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