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OIR open Sunday the 25th

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by OIR, Oct 22, 2015.

  1. OIR

    OIR PR Addict

    Track will be open Sunday Oct 25th from 10 to 5 weather permitting. 25$ a rider lil track will also be open.
    Chet and Nick
    330 618 1396
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  2. Hause#0

    Hause#0 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    I hope yall ain't getting much rain out there tonight! Fingers crossed!
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  3. Jon16

    Jon16 PR Founding Father

    Canton, OH
    Any word on conditions?
  4. pape718

    pape718 PR Member

    Must still be sleeping chets getting old needs longer naps
  5. OIR

    OIR PR Addict

    No crap!! We're plowing right now,might start out a little wet, but should turn out nice. Might be the last time this year, don't miss out!
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