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Thank You from WNYRacing!

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by wnyracing, Oct 27, 2015.

  1. We would like to Thank all of the PitRacer families that made it to our tracks to race this past season. It's great to know that our facilities are enjoyed by riders of all levels from all over the northeast.

    For those interested, we will be holding our 2015 Year End Banquet on February 6th, 2016 that you all are invited to. It's another huge celebration of the season past along with getting ready for the next. We also have the drawing for the brand new 2015 YZ 250f and YZ85 along with other huge prizes (Need to be there to win and be a current WNYRacing license holder. Signing up for 2016 counts as an entry!). Ticket will be available on our website at www.wnyracing.com very soon.

    We all hope you have a safe and happy off season. See you next year!

    WNYRacing, Inc.
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  2. loneranger171

    loneranger171 PR Addict

    Very cool a promoter taking time to just say thanks for the support of Pitracer riders who made the trip to their track. Nice post!
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  3. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

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    Love A51, we plan on trying to hit more of them next year! Thanks for the thanks!!!!
  4. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    Thank you wny for using pitracer!

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