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Early Wines back 2015/2016

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by Tom, Oct 29, 2015.

  1. Tom

    Tom PR Elite


    Round 1 & 2 Nov 7 & 8

    Round 3 & 4 Nov 21 & 22

    Round 5 & 6 Dec 5 & 6

    Round 7 & 8 Dec 19 & 20

    Round 9 & 10 Jan 2 & 3

    Round 11 & 12 Jan 16 & 17

    Round 13 & 14 Jan 30 & 31

    Round 15 & 16 Feb 13 & 14

    Round 17 & 18 Feb 27 & 28

    Round 19 & 20 Mar 5 & 6


    Round 1 & 2 Oct 31 Saturday AM/PM Race

    Round 3 & 4 Nov 14 Saturday AM/PM Race

    Round 5 & 6 Dec 12 Saturday AM/PM Race

    Round 7 & 8 Jan 9 Saturday AM/PM Race

    Round 9 & 10 Jan 23 Saturday AM/PM Race

    Round 11 & 12 Feb 6 Saturday AM/PM Race

    Round 13 & 14 Feb 20 Saturday AM/PM Race
    This weekend Round 1&2 of Quads.
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  2. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

  3. ck1racerx

    ck1racerx PR Addict

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    1 My Chili Trophy tells me so
    The jumps are way to peaked this year... Most of the riders are young, why not build a nice sloop on the back side of the jumps so the kids are not going over the bars every lap? Unsafe.
    If your going to build a split lane then make it even. No one is going to take one side so it just makes it a one lane cow path. Goofy

    I hope they make some corrections before this weekend or we will not be back.
  4. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

    I have not been their yet. I'm going Friday.
  5. WeRide13

    WeRide13 Noob

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    Do you ride bikes ck1racerx? My son raced quads last weekend and even the 50s had no problems. I've also been to several busy practices and have never seen anyone go over the handle bars. We love the new track. Can't wait until the next quad race!!
  6. Beth

    Beth Noob

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    I've heard nothing but good things about the track this year, and I know each time they change the track they test it thoroughly with riders of all ages and skill levels. I will be there for the first time this weekend as well, so I will reserve my opinion on it until I can see for myself. I do know if it's anything like what's been described to me by numerous riders who have been there to practice over the past couple of weeks, I will be pleased.
  7. Earlywineracing

    Earlywineracing PR Addict

    Maysville, KY
    All jumps are table-tops or are filled in on the back side so the 50s can roll them. We have several riders as young as 3 years old. The 2 lane section was timed by several riders of different abilities and was dead even. In fact, that is where all the great battles were last weekend! We are also in the process of hauling in a lot of fresh new soil as well as more mulch for the corners. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please feel free to talk to me at the track. Thanks!!!
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  8. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

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  9. Tom

    Tom PR Elite


    Earlywine Racing
    5 hrs ·

    This Saturday & Sunday, we are having Bike Rounds 3 & 4 of our 15-16 Winter Series!! Billy from Suspension Plus will be on site for all your suspension needs!! Wes Irwine & Amy Insko of Braapshot Photography will be there, snapping pics of all the racing action!! Brian will be there to personalize and customize your T-shirts, hoodies, and socks!! And as always, Days Fun Foods will be doing concessions, serving everything from chili dogs to tenderloins!! If you haven't made plans to be a part of this weekend's action, you need to do so now!! See you there!!
  10. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

    Nikki Earlywine
    19 mins ·
    This Saturday & Sunday Nov 21-22 is Dirt Bike Racing! Billy from Suspension Plus will be on site for all your suspension needs!! Wes & Amy of Braapshot Photography will be here getting some amazing pictures of you racers. Brian will be here to customize your T-shirts, jerseys, hoodies, and socks!! And as always, Days Fun Foods will be doing concessions, serving everything from Philly Cheesesteaks to loaded tater tots! Also there will be an extra $100 donated for the PRO class if we have at least 5 entries. Sign up each day is 9am, practice at 10:30, and race about 11:30. There are a couple track changes so be sure to get some extra practice in Friday 3-9pm. Look forward to seeing everyone for some great racing action!!

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