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Sweet Gem found in Oklahoma forsale

Discussion in 'Old Guys & Old Bikes' started by beamer315, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. beamer315

    beamer315 PR Addict

    akron, ohio
    Well I stumbled into this sweet rig today. 1980 yz465. It's by far the nicest vintage rig I've ever messed with. This bike has a great story. And is Guy Cooper approved. The original owner had it for quite some time. He loved it and raced it. Kept it white glove clean from what I was told. He unfortunately passed away. The current owner was a friend and bought it at the estate sale. He planned to sit on it and play with it but the wife says it needs to go. Guy is a personal friend of his and says it should pull $6000 at Diamond Dons next spring of not sold by then.

    I got lucky enough to be allowed to throw a leg over it and dump the clutch. It's as tight as a new bike and flat out hauls. The current owner was grinning as much as me when I pulled back up to him. I am was honored to know that I and Guy are the only people he's seen ride it other than the original owner. If someone wants a very nice scooter and will love it I will gladly help him get it sold. He has extra plastics and documents for it. I've also seen his auction recites and he's only asking what he has in it. $5000 will take this beast. If interested feel free to contact me.

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  2. k01

    k01 PR Elite

    Looks about perfect and ready.

    I get to briefly see just how fast a 465 can go every time Tim Shephard laps me. Nice bikes!

  3. beamer315

    beamer315 PR Addict

    akron, ohio
    It def went good. The brakes actually supposed me too for drums it stopped well.

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