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Skyview Raceway, Moto-x Sunday, November 15th

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Skyview Raceway, Nov 9, 2015.

  1. Skyview Raceway

    Skyview Raceway PR Member

    Mattix Road, Lisbon, Ohio off of Rt. 164
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    Come join us for the last Moto-x of the CRA season at Skyview Raceway, Mattix Rd., Lisbon, Ohio this Sunday November 15th.

    This is also the last race for the Wiseco Piston Cup Series. Bikes Only.

    You can view the whole track from standing on the hill. I will have pictures to follow.

    To see pictures go the the gallery and they are also posted on the Competition Riders of America on Facebook page.
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  2. MarctheSharc

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  3. handracing

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    Portage County OH
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    #42-Dave Hand #131-Michael Hand #3-David Hand #32-Jeremy Hand, Carl Hand -Team Hand MX Racing
    Welcome Beth! (Skyview) You will find this can be a really great site to advertise your events and promote yourselves in a positive manner! We are looking forward to seeing you this weekend!

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