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Roczen - Team RCH

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by John250, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. John250

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    Seems Kenny is not a happy camper at RCH. I said he was crazy to go to RCH and should have stayed at KTM. People here spoke about how good RCH was, it was all factory, had all the connections. Here is an article where Roczens father is blasting the team from top to bottom and says that Kenny would love to be able to get out of his contract. Interesting.

    The german mx magazine "Cross Magazin" just came in the mail and they did a interview with Heiko Klepka on RCH. It was stunning to see what he said... I'll just translate some key things from the interview, I'd have never thought that it was THAT bad. (Sometimes I ran out of translation talent and changed the exact wording, but the key facts are still right)

    About the team
    "The RCH Racing Team is not a team, but a randomly mixed bunch of self promoters. In this so-called team there is no team spirit, because everybody just works for his own interest. It's about money. There are people on the team, that obviously have no function, but they're getting payed. For example there is Mark Johnson, who was brought in by Carmichael from the Indycar series. This man is just superarrogant and he has no clue about suspensions. That affects the mood of the team and the performance of my boy. It's purely about sponsors and money at RCH, Ken is just a playing ball. I have never experienced something like this in all the GP years."

    About the management
    "I'm sure Ken would leave the team immediately. But that isn't easy, because his management is also involved with the team. [...] If he violates the contract, he'll have to pay 2'000'000$ fees. Also, his manager Steve Astephen has no clue about the sport. For example, at the beginning of the outdoor season, he told Ken: "Tomac doesn't ride in your league, why do you let him pass you?" When I heard that, my jaw dropped (Original german saying: 'blieb mir die Spucke weg- my spit stayed away). [...]
    There is already a little Clique that developed around my boy and success in the sport is only a small part. He has no control, not over the bike and not over the team. Of course Ken noticed this too. Actually, the vibe was gone after 2 months, because the people in the team already tried to part him and Kelly Lumgair. These people never were in the workshop, and Kelly was a real confidante for Ken and it was a really hard decision for Kelly, to go with Suzuki. He gave up the best job in the world then. And now he goes back to KTM- any questions?"

    About Ricky Carmichael
    "Of course Ricky isn't a bad dude, but as a team chef, he is an insult for Ken Roczen. It's hard to believe, but he shows up a couple of times during the year, waves and lets out some cool patters. You want a tasting sample? 'Everyone has problems with the air forks. We can't make the shock that good, or else it wouldn't work with the fork.' I know that he doesn't even watch Kens races, but he rather drives out with his boat. Other than that, he seems satisfied with how everything is going."

    Did they lie to Ken from the beginning on?
    I'll shorten it up a bit here: They don't get the suspension working because nobody cooperates with each other, for example, in the workshop they just rebuild the complete bike. The 19th place in the first moto isn't the result of his back, but of a completely unrideable bike(!!!). They didn't even start preparing for Supercross so far.

    Roczen searches for solutions himsel
    "We tried to clarify that internal, and tried to bring a german suspension specialist, that Ken trusts blindly, into the team. Of course that was rejected. Then we tried to get a stock Suzuki, but ended up buying one ourself. The german suspension guy came and was completely ignored by the team. Ricky knew who he is and why he was here, and just asked if he was spending his vacaction here. We then tested with the stock bike and Ken was 3 seconds (Hell yes, 3 effing seconds!!) faster than with his factory bike. With stock suspension and a stock engine."
    Shortened ending: They tried to contact everybody, Geboers, sports boss of Suzuki in Japan, but they couldn't help because RCH is no factory team. Only Suzuki USA offered help by the factory team, but that was rejected by RCH. At the middle of the season, they wanted to test, but RCH said: 'No, we only can next week'. They had their guy, but RCh brought 7, which all didn't help. They were allowed to ride Baggetts suspension later, which RCH worked on after 1 race- with result of Ken not liking it anymore. Then they wanted to see the contract with Showa, if they could get a new one, a 10 year old one or the old one of Baggett. But RCH didn't show it to them. He also said, that if the air forks won't work, they will go back to the traditional forks, which they did, as we all know.

    What could've solved the problems?
    "At the middle of the season, they should have fired all the incapable people and replaced them with our confidante. Then we would've had a unstoppable Ken Roczen on Suzuki. But because of the arrogance at RCH, only escape remains for Kenny.

    So that's pretty much it. I would have never thought that it was THAT bad at RCH... But I guess Heiko didn't lie right here. I'm sorry for all the grammatical mistakes, my English is obviously still not perfect. But I hope you guys can understand everything!
  2. GeorgiePorgie

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    That was kens dad. And Ken didnt support any of that publicly. He made a statement about it.

    This stirred up a big s**t storm on vital. His dad is mad and doesn't know how to shut up I guess.
  3. hershey

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    That is really OLD news, keep up with the times! Ken said he was perfectly happy, his Dad had the issues. I think the interview was done in Europe wasnt it?
  4. Bill480

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    Aug 19, 2015 oof
  5. Art Eckman

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    Roczen said his dad doesn't speak for him. He'll soon be Bar to Bar for the title

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