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Earlywine Racing Indoor MX Open Practice

Discussion in 'Open Practice' started by Earlywineracing, Nov 19, 2015.

  1. Earlywineracing

    Earlywineracing PR Addict

    Maysville, KY
    We are open daily for practice. Normally Monday -Thursday 11am-9pm (Weds is BIKE ONLY), Friday's before race weekends are 3-9pm. Non-race weekends Friday & Saturday 11am-9pm and Sunday 11am-6pm. Make sure to check first. See website or call 606-883-3098 for full schedule. www.earlywineracing.com
  2. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

  3. Earlywineracing

    Earlywineracing PR Addict

    Maysville, KY
    It's bike week!!! Everyone come out Saturday & Sunday ready to race!! FB_IMG_1449241866787.jpg Braapshot Photography will be here on Sunday, Billy from Suspension Plus will be here all weekend, Days Fun Foods will be serving up their delicious-ness all weekend long AND, bring your pit bikes!! The winner of the pit bike class for each day will be taking home this big, beautiful bottle of ooey-gooey, chocolatey goodness...... Can't wait to see everyone!!!
  4. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

    Earlywine Racing Indoor MX Open Practice this week:

    MON 12/21-Open Practice 11am-9pm
    TUE 12/22-Open Practice 11am-9pm
    WED 12/23-Open Practice 11am-9pm (Bikes Only) ...
    THU 12/24- CLOSED Christmas Eve
    FRI 12/25 - CLOSED Merry Christmas!
    SAT 12/26- Open Practice 11am-9pm
    SUN 12/27- Open Practice 11am-6pm

    Track will be prepped every morning. We look forward to seeing everyone for some practice! Thanks!
  5. Tom

    Tom PR Elite


    Nikki Earlywine
    Happy New Year's Eve!! Open Practice at Earlywine Racing Indoor MX today 11am-6pm and tomorrow January 1st, 2016 from 11am-9pm!!!
    Bike Races this weekend.
  6. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

    TUE 3/1- Open Practice 11am-9pm
    WED 3/2-Open Practice 11am-9pm
    (Bikes Only)
    THU 3/3- Open Practice 11am-9pm

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