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Best Off Road Ride in NEO this year

Discussion in 'Dual Sport, Off-Road & Trails' started by ani3, Sep 9, 2016.

  1. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    Sept 18 is the date this year for the Lumberjack 100 Enduro in Bergholz Ohio. 40 minutes south of Canton and less than two hours from Cleveland or Pittsburgh.

    For those who are new to Enduro this is a cross country race predominantly on single track trail with some dirt roads and a very little bit of paved roads connecting the sections. There is no quad rutted crap to contend with, all MC trail.
    This is a restart enduro which means no timekeeping equipment is needed, no clock, no odometer. You simply ride to the checkpoint, wait till your time comes up and the check workers tell you to go. Ride your best to the end of the section and your time is compared against your class for results. There will be six test sections from 6 to 11 miles each for a total of 65 miles.
    No laps, you ride the trail once. Arrowed so all you do is follow the trail.
    For riders that just want to ride their own pace we have a sportsman or D/S class that follows the race classes at the start. Just a good all day ride on awesome trail, no hassles, no searching for trail, just follow the arrows.

    Look for our flyer with details under the region in KTMTALK or look for Ohio Valley Trail Riders on facebook.

    Seriously, if you miss this ride you will be missing out on the best trail you will find anywhere. Hope to see you on the 18th
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  2. sturd

    sturd PR Addict

    Man. Western Reverse cancelled tonight's race due to rain and rescheduled for next weekend. I was really
    hoping to make that enduro but will be tough to pull off and the flat track is a must.

    Restart enduros are better than GPs. True single track and usually relatively virgin.
  3. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    Lumberjack 100 update

    This year’s event will be six sections.

    The start will be at the firehouse and will immediately go onto section one for 5.5 miles followed by a 3 mile stretch of paved road to start section two. Section two will be 7.5 miles and leads directly (no road) to section three. Section three is 9.5 miles and will be followed by 3 miles of paved and gravel roads to the gas stop. After the gas stop C riders will by-pass section 4 and go to five. Section four for the A/B riders will be 10.5 miles. After four there is an 8 mile paved and gravel road ride to section Five. Section five (all riders) will be 3.5 miles and will lead to ¼ mile of paved road and into Six. Six will be 3.0 miles and finish up the day. There is a 5 mile ride back to the firehouse on paved road.

    Total ground mileage will be just over 60 including transfers with one gas stop. There will be a gas truck and water sponsored by Tri-State motorsports close to 29 miles out.

    The Bergholz Fire Department will host dinner Saturday and Sunday as well as Sunday breakfast. Primitive camping with no fires is allowed at the start. Hotels can be found in Carrolton and Steubenville bit 30 minutes away. There are state parks and campgrounds in the area for those that need camping with facilities.

    Key Time will be 10:00

    Restart format with Ample resets to keep all riders on time.

    Electronic scoring, no score card holder required

    Tech inspection for spark arrestor and reasonable sound levels

    There will be Saturday signup from 6-7:00 pm and signup re-opens Sunday morning at 7:00 am, It is highly recommended but not required that riders set up a profile on LiveLaps prior to race day to expedite the sign up process www.livelaps.com

    Directions: From Cleveland – 77S to 30 E to 43 S to 164 N

    From Pittsburgh – 22W to 43N to 164N

    From Columbus – 70E to 77N to 36E to 250E to 151E to 332E to 164N
  4. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    we have added 10 miles plus of new single track and there is no quad tack at all,
    it is less than an hour from Salem to Bergholz if you want to ride after going the the Saturday night race:)
  5. sturd

    sturd PR Addict

    You're gonna make this hard aren't ya?
  6. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    not hard.... challenging, but all day fun!
  7. Rob Long

    Rob Long Noob

    Racing Number:
    Are lights and license plates mandatory?
  8. sturd

    sturd PR Addict

    The hills in section 1 were really hard. Then section 2 was brutal.

    You should maybe put the hard sections later so as not to make newbies just give up.
  9. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    Honestly that was the intention. The first section is what we ride in the winter and we refer to as the "fun Loop" because it is supposed to be easier. I set up section 4 as A & B only because that was where the big hill were.
    I appreciate the feed back and apologize if it was harder than expected for you.
  10. sturd

    sturd PR Addict

    Not for me but there was grumbling amongst some of the folks I went with and talked to.
  11. sturd

    sturd PR Addict

    I was just beat up and tired. That's normal.
  12. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    This years Lumberjack 100 will be August 13th 2017 and will be better than ever
    • National rules, no plates or lights required, all off road
    • no timekeeping, restart format with electronic scoring
    • $2500 pro purse !!!
    • Added miles of virgin woods single track to go with all the awesome riding you have experienced in previous years
  13. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    I almost forgot, The Lumberjack 100 has been selected this year and sanctioned by the AMA & ACES as the
    every class winner will receive a number one plate and be recognized by the AMA
  14. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    Please look for information on the 2017 Lumberjack in the Race Updates forum.
    Better than ever this year with no license plate or lights required (all off road)
    No time keeping
    more single track
    $2500 pro purse
    Family Enduro loop for the kids and a sportsman Dual Sport for the casual riders
  15. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    Thanks to all for coming out, with over 250 riders we had a fantastic day of racing!
    Congrats to all the 2017 Ohio State Champions and congrats to Broc Hepler on his $1000 payday. Broc has won the overall Axe every year we have run, maybe next year another rider can come take it away from him........... or maybe not?
  16. Honuki250

    Honuki250 Noob

    Sorry Never heard of this but it sounds great. Will you be doing this in 2018? Thanks
  17. ani3

    ani3 PR Member

    The Lumberjack will be August 5th in 2018. Bigger and better than ever with a $5000.00 pro purse.
    I will post details here as the event draws near and you can always go to our Ohio Valley Trail Riders page on FB https://www.facebook.com/OhioValleyTrailRiders/

    The club is open to new members if anyone is interested

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