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Showa TAC SFF Air Pressure issues

Discussion in 'Suspension' started by tdshirley34, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. tdshirley34

    tdshirley34 PR Member

    So I bought a 2017 Kx450f. I'm a NOOB to the Air Forks, coming off Yamaha's all my life.
    I'm trying to figure out the SFF's, but my Air pressure seems to be bouncing around.
    For instance,
    I set my INNER = 175psi
    Outer = 5psi
    Balance = 180psi
    But the next time I check, I have 150 inner, 5 outer, 210 balance.
    Or, I've seen 180 inner, 5 outer, 150 balance.
    Is there any way my Balance Chamber would leak into the Inner Chamber, or vice versa?

    I'm thinking about doing the SKF Stiction Upgrade and Race Tech Valving @ 5hrs on the bike, just to get the Forks opened up and inspected.
    I'm also thinking about doing PR2 Hybrid Upgrade
    Any input would be appreciated...

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  2. adam63

    adam63 PR Addict

    Welcome to the struggle of air forks.

    Yes, both chambers can leak either way and out to the atmosphere.

    I recommend switching over to the spring conversion now and live a happy life!
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  3. Abnorml31

    Abnorml31 Noob

    Just switched to the race tech conversion and am very happy.
  4. tdshirley34

    tdshirley34 PR Member

    Did you do the stiction upgrade kit?

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  5. tdshirley34

    tdshirley34 PR Member

    I do like the idea of the air fork.
    I don't like the initial hit, or the leaking chambers...

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  6. adam63

    adam63 PR Addict

    I currently have the SKF kit in a crf 250. In my experience the air leak/oil leak problem got worse and the action of the fork is not so much better that it justifies the cost.

    I know a few others that have switched the green bikes over to the skf kit with better results than mine but they still say the same about the cost verses the action of the fork.
  7. tdshirley34

    tdshirley34 PR Member

    I appreciate your input.
    I'm leaning towards the PR2 Hybrid upgrade. Having a sprung fork, piggybacked by low pressure air, seems to be the best option.
    The cost is my biggest concern, but I'd rather have a good setup for a few hundred more than a leaking setup for a few hundred less...

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  8. adam63

    adam63 PR Addict

    I'm thinking this is the way to go.

    I don't know anything about the PR2 kit. My biggest concern would be how much air are they assisting the spring with or "piggybacking" in your words? I know PR2 does some great things with suspension but I feel like by the time the perfect solution is out there the manufactures will have succumb to the pressure of the masses and pick up where they left off with the traditional springs.

    I have many bitches about the air fork setup among the top is the pressure change due to temp. fluctuation in the enclosed atmosphere we know as the fork cartridge.

    Adding any air, and the more you add the more effect it has on the rideability of the fork when the temp. is not consistent.
  9. tdshirley34

    tdshirley34 PR Member

    I'm not familiar with the factory suspension setup.
    Pr2 is suggesting 28lbs in addition to the spring. It eliminates the outer and balance chambers.
    I will give feedback when I get some time on the Forks...

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  10. tdshirley34

    tdshirley34 PR Member

    I've had a few hours to ride the PR2 Hybrid Forks, with the rear shock being the MPR Racetech Gold Valve setup.
    LOVE IT!
    Great on the track, great in the woods. I'm very pleased with the results
    I did have a bit of an issue with the front end "skipping" around on hard landings. I resolved the issue by going 2 clicks harder on fork rebound and 2 clicks harder on shock compression. I think my rear end was squatting and my front was coming back a tad fast...

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