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The Greatest Generation vs. Today

Discussion in 'Non-Moto' started by GeorgiePorgie, May 10, 2017.

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    Food for thought:

    WW2 era citizens, were drafted and rose to the call to defeat Hitler. Not only the soldiers, but the women at home took manufacturing jobs. Americans produced. Produced right out of the great depression into prosperity. They had a sense of patriotism and love for country that I'm not sure I see in people my age.

    Break room conversations shocks me at work. A lot argue that we are a greedy, terrible nation...that bullies the entire world. However, everyone in the break room at work has a modern college education filled with sociology, psychology and medical degrees. I'm telling you the colleges are indoctrinating citizens to be weak. Once an adult has been molded into a socialist at college, and then moves to a city where most of the college educated move...they find themselves in a break room. Re-discussing sociology lectures that we are greedy, terrible, and bully-like. How terrible are we.

    But conversations at the local diner in po-dunk Jefferson, Ohio seem to have not lost it's luster and patriotism. American flag hats. A sense of love for country. There are far more of these towns then big cities. If this country fell into a trap of world war could my generation (millenials and below) rise up and produce like the greatest generation? There is a lot of "lazy" today. A lot of "new deal" dependent adults whose babies are now reaching their 30's haven't produced anything in their life, and I don't think there could be anything to get them to produce. If we had a major conflict I feel like a lot of citizens would make it back to their rural homes, but there would be many empty lofts in the City.

    Then again, I don't know if major conflicts would be like WW2. I doubt North Korea would dig into their beaches and we would have to launch an all out ground assault. Bombs would take care of that. I feel if a WW3 scenario broke out there would be more than a few nuclear warheads detonated. How many people would have a chance?

    I hate the city. Most like that are more conservative. Nothing is free out in rural area.
    Some hate the rural areas. Most like that are Lefty Larry's. Alot of free things in the city. Or they're percieved to be free, public transportation, housing etc...

    Patriotism, is it dead?
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    Patriotism isnt dead, it just hasnt been called upon recently.

    I do agree, people dont understand the concept of socialism. They are lied to in school about how great it is. Look at the larger socialist nations..... N Korea, Cuba, Venezuela.... those types of countries are poor, very poor except the elites. They dont teach that in school, they call them dictatorships. They are but they are also socialist countries. Sure some countries it works ok but its just that, just ok. We are turning more socialist every day.
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