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What's your favorite tire combo?

Discussion in 'General Tech' started by tj131, Jul 20, 2017.

  1. tj131

    tj131 Noob

    Just looking for everyone's opinion on the best tire combo for our area. I ride BC, Beans, Rt 62 mostly. I was a die hard 756 fan. Hated the mx51. I mostly have experience with dunlops and was considering the MX32's. Thanks for any feedback!
  2. MX955

    MX955 PitRacer Pro

    Racing Number:
    If you liked the old Dunlop 756's like I did, you will like the MX32's.
  3. Vet261

    Vet261 PR Addict

    Valley City, Ohio
    Battlecross X30 for Ohio. They replaced the 404 and are excellent.


    For Red Bud I tossed on a set of Dunlop MX3S and was happy with them.
  4. k01

    k01 PR Elite

    756 was my favorite, always knew what to expect. Not totally sold on the Dunlap 756 replacements. Pirelli Scorpion MX 32 Soft To Mid Terrain is my new favorite. And I've been instructed that the Pirelli Scorpion XC Soft To Mid Terrain is great front tire so I'm giving that one a try next.
  5. MX099

    MX099 PR Addict

    Oil City, PA
    Racing Number:
    Maxxis Maxx Cross SI
    110/90-19 Rear
    80/100-21 Front
    Second choice,
    Dunlop MX3S
  6. chubakka

    chubakka PR Member

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    I like the Dunlop MX52 rear. Seems to wear well. Just put a MX3S on front. We'll see how that works.
    I was also a fan of the 756 for the front, but had better wear from the old 952 rear.
  7. This is my preferred set up. Mx52 rear, mx3s(mx32) front. Love the taller knobbies on the front. The mx3s rear is great as well but I think the 52 wears better especially when tracks get a little hard pack and slick/rocky.

    Mx51s are junk compared to the new design.
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  8. Jon16

    Jon16 PR Founding Father

    Canton, OH
    I've been running the Bridgestone Battlecross tires. I really like them most of the time, but ride after the track has been watered, and feels like the front end is sliding out. I liked the 404's and 403's (or was it 402?) better.
  9. C Hudak

    C Hudak PR Addict

    Lordstown, OH
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    MX3S front and rear, MX 52 rear is good to.
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  10. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    I like the new dunlops mx32 came stock on my 250f. I like it. Dunlop used to last me a couple moto. The new ones have more longevity.

    I Still prefer Michelin starcross medium compound though. Deep knobbies. Good bite. Track well on hard pack as well, the knobbies are so big. East to make Contact with the ground.
  11. Ron505

    Ron505 PR Founding Father

    Bremen, Ohio
    x2. I'm loving them!
  12. jpelaston

    jpelaston PR Member

    Kenda Washougal Rear with a Millville Front has been working really well for me in our soil. If it is going to be more hardpacked, I will use a Kenda Triple rear and Washougal front.
  13. spacecat

    spacecat PR Member

    Racing Number:
    I recently went back to bridgestone x30 tire set. Was running starcross 5 medium and while I really liked the front, the rear was losing knobs way too often.
  14. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
    Racing Number:
    Stones....x30 and x40 combo. One of the magazines did a review and said the x40 was perfect in all conditions for the rear. I've been running then for 2 years now and love them. Hooks up well and the longevity is great. The x40 is medium to hard pack but it hooks awesome every where, even Red Bud.

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