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Kilbarger Whitcraft Training opportunities for September!. multiple schools

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by whitcraft, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. whitcraft

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    Hey Everyone!
    I want to start off and say thank you to everyone who has been attending and inquiring about our riding schools. Attendance has been growing. The past couple of camps have filled quickly. We are trying a few things different for everyone in the month of September. We will be offering a one day school for 65cc riders and up in addition to the two-day school we will still offer. People can sign up as they please. We have been receiving lots of great feedback all around; 65 riders, vet riders, and everyone in between!

    ALSO FOR THE FIRST TIME WE WILL BE OFFERING A 50CC SCHOOL! Yes, sorry for the short notice but we have decided to do a 50cc school. We have had a big request for this school but will probably only start offering it a couple times a year. The reason being: we want to be able to educate both kids and parents on what to watch for in techniques. This is so the kids and parents can grow and progress together safely. We won't offer regular 50cc camps because kids that young do not need some crazy training program......THE KIDS AND FAMILIES NEED TO ENJOY THESE YEARS AND HAVE FUN!!!!

    The posters for the different dates are below and feel free to contact Levi or myself with questions. Take care everyone! Whitcraft Kilbarger 50cc.jpg Whitcraft Kilbarger Trainin one day.jpg sept 23-24camp.jpg
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  2. Zman

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    Can't wait.. see u all then
  3. Double D

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    Nick is in for the 9th.
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  4. Double D

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    IMG_1370.JPG Nick can't wait to go back again! Thank you guys!!!
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  5. hershey

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    We had an absolute blast. Austin was so excited about the track, its fantastic. The prep was spot on and perfect for learning all day. Saturday the turnout was about 9 kids, after all the people Ive heard all year begging for this class I was amazed so few turned out. They split the 65's and 50's and worked with each alternating the instructors. Both of them were great with the kids helping them learn and conquer new habits.

    Austin isnt the most courageous jumper, Chris got him to pull the trigger on this nice 8' tall take off step up double. Its a big huck for a little guy. His overall form improves as well as his confidence. The program that Shaf layed out above was basically the same for the little guys. Money well spent.

    I rode Sunday, old dogs can learn new tricks albeit its tougher to break those ingrained bad habits. But Levi and Chris make sure you understand the proper form and how you can personally work on it at home.

    See you guys in 2 weeks!!
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