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Amherst Moto/ Cross Country Harescramble Race Sat 10-14

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by Amherst Meadowlarks, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Amherst Meadowlarks will be hosting a Moto/ Cross Country Harescramble Race for the Dane Leimbach / Rod Bush Memorial Race on Saturday October 14, 2017.
    No Membership required
    No Sanctioning membership needed
    Race day Schedule
    10am. 1 hour moto for A/B/C riders
    1115am. 30 min moto for 50s / 65s
    12pm. 40 min moto for Sr & Jr Minis
    1pm. 1 hour moto for under 25/
    +25 / +40 / +50
    230 pm - 530 pm free Open Practice if you raced, $10 fee if you didn't Race

    530 pm Track closed
    6-8 pm Band ( Billy Morris)
    Camping free Sat night.

    $20 for 1st class
    $10 for 2nd class
    $10 gate fee
  2. RideRED

    RideRED PR Member

    Was wondering if the layout will be the same/similar to your eroc gp this year?
  3. The layout for the big bikes will be similar. We are planning on changing the track for the 50s / 65s so the parents can see kids more = less woods for younger kids.
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  4. Mullet Bob is laying out the course.
  5. RideRED

    RideRED PR Member

    Sounds fun! I hope he puts that back roller section in!!!

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  6. Jack Bierbower

    Jack Bierbower PR Member

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    Looking forward to it! Loved the GP last time.

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  7. Windtunnel36

    Windtunnel36 PR Addict

    Oberlin, Ohio
    I was at the event today. Had a great time. Saw old friends. Billy Morris won the 50 class at 51 years old. Way to go. Then they rocked out for several hours. Fun time. Moto people are the best.
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