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Amherst OMA MX Race 10-8-17

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by Amherst Meadowlarks, Sep 22, 2017.

  1. Amherst Meadowlarks OMA MX Race Oct 8.
    All Classes RUN SUNDAY
    As always camping is included.
    Gates Open Sat Oct 7th @ 5pm.
    Gate closes 11pm Sat: Re Opens 6am SundayOct 8th
    Sign-ups @ 7am
    Practice @845 am
    Racing @11 am
    The fee per class per race date are as follows:
    1st Class = $25
    2nd Class = $20
    3rd Class = $15
    A Classes = $30
  2. Matt Mangano

    Matt Mangano PR Member

    Racing Number:
    Will there be practice Saturday?
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  3. Yes
    Gates open at 10am Sat Morning Oct 7th for our Open Practice,11am - 4pm.
    $25 per rider, Spectators free.
    Practice will be in rotation according to attendance if necessary.
    $10 Gate fee collected after 5pm. per person.
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  4. Yes we are Racing. No we didn’t get a lot of rain.
  5. DTS

    DTS PR Addict

    Had a great weekend, thanks for an excellent track!
  6. msinclair

    msinclair PR Member

    Nice Track Sunday!

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