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Willy Musgrave 2 Stroke Article Latest MXA

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by PitRacer, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    Anyone read that? Great article and so true! Maybe a little more interesting to me since I was watching him race the bike at GH and this article is about his journey on this 2001 CR250 up to that point of that race.

    Reading something like this really makes you wonder -- where exactly is this sport going? In many peoples minds it is going down the wrong path. Bikes are so expensive now you can't afford to buy them....and if you do manage to buy one you better love it because there's not a good chance of being able to sell it!

    Sharc will love some of the quotes from Willy:

    GH2010041.jpg GH2010148.jpg
  2. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    And in the McGrath Interview he refers to the 450’s as “a Beast” of a machine and insinuates that because of them the racing is not as tight.
  3. KTM221

    KTM221 PR Addict

    4-strokes have brought exactly what we've all "wanted" - smooth, linear, unending power that makes even the least talented person have the ability to triple basically anything under 100 feet. I think I'm a classic example... My riding changed dramatically when I went to a (non-KTM) 4-stroke. I gained confidence that I would have never had on a 2-stroke. This ability to ride lazy, but confident, has brought thousands of mediocre riders to a whole new level. Just look at the Vet-B qualifiers for LL's. Stacked with guys who can jump everything and chug their 450 around just about any track as fast as the next guy. The result is Parody with increased risks. The guys out front still win with corner speed and endurance, but the rest of us are just riding a bunch of John Deers around at the same pace.

    Where does this all end? Badly is my fear. We all see the injury (and worse) reports that, due at least partially to the internet, seem to be weekly. We all see the cost of our 4-strokes going up and up. MX is all grown up. It's not a child anymore. Pro MX and SX are businesses now. Sponsors are using the teams to peddle their products like NASCAR and F1. As long as the market is there to buy tickets and TV packages the sponsors will pay more and more to make their machines and their riders go faster and faster. This is like drag racing in the 60's and 70's. Looking back at drag racing back then, it was a family sport where "stock" cars were modified to perform above average. That has evolved to cars that have nothing "stock" on them going 1/4 mile in < 4 seconds on nitromethane. The quest to go faster and win is driven by marketing and profit demand, not by drivers desire to win. My fear is that this is exactly where MX is going (and is already at in some respects). 2-strokes are like muscle cars - they're really cool sounding, remind us all of a time when we were younger, in the big scheme of things they go fast but they will never again be pitted against the 4-stroke (funny car) with today's technology.

    5 Years from now I predict:

    - Traction control on all factory 4-strokes
    - Wireless ignition mapping connected to the Pit crew allowing them to make intra-race adjustments to the mapping
    - Antilock front brake on all factory 4-strokes
    - $12,000 (or more) retail price on a CRF 450

    Maybe I'm getting old and jaded but if I was betting any of my own money on the future of unit sales of mx bikes, I'd sure be betting on a big decline. Our MX baby is all grown up and we want our kid back!
  4. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    I agree 100% .....So, get a 125 two stroke and join us having crazy fun!
    I’ve ridden with you….. And you’re very skilled on a small bore two stroke.
    But I’ll agree that the pigs are that much scarier to crash…
  5. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    My first MX bike was a 125, I never had a mini. Then I rode a 125 exclusively all the way up until I was 30. I remember wondering why anyone would ever ride anything other than a 125 -- I tried 250s and even rode a KX500 once and was just sickened by how heavy and cumbersome they felt. I remember thinking that if that was all they made I would never ride again! haha.

    Only reason I ever switched from a 125 was because I had some grand ideas that I was going to turn 30 and race Vet classes and "needed" the 250....then I "needed" the 450...... I even remember when I bought my first 250 that I had to keep convincing myself that I wanted it instead of a 125 because of racing Vet classes....

    But, now we are at a point where it's been long enough that many of the riders have never experienced the two-strokes and they can't relate to why this is even a discussion. I think that because of costs local grassroots racing is going to slowly die off and everything is going to change to practicing. Much as we've already seen in Ohio. Go to any open practices now and it's amazing how many riders you see on old 2 strokes.

    Also I think Joe is spot-on with his 5 year prediction. Looking at that it looks ridiculous....but I can already see the Speed broadcast in my mind with Erin down in the mechanics area as the JGR guys are tweaking the ignition mapping on the fly....

    Used to be 80-90% rider.....what is it now? 65? 70?
  6. dmx153

    dmx153 PR Founding Father

    Paris, Ohio, United States
    Racing Number:
    Great article and you guys are spot on. I had always ridden a 250 2-stroke up to the year 2001 because of my height and weight. After breaking my right femur and still wanting to ride I picked up a 125. It was easier to start than my 250 and I had to teach myself how to just have fun with it although I was too big for it. I too am guilty of the "pig" bandwagon and thought I needed one to race in the Vet classes. Fortunately I kept a 125 around to play on and I find myself riding it more than my "pig". I have thought about going to a 250 but don't think the fun factor will be there. Like Sharc, my "pig" with roughly 20 hours on it sits in the corner while the 125 gets all of the attention.
  7. firedan

    firedan PR Addict

    Amherst, Ohio
    I, myself, would rather watch a fast guy on a 2 stroke then a fast guy on a 4 stroke.
  8. NQ1965

    NQ1965 PR Elite

    Heath, Ohio
    When I had my 125, it was like having the best of both worlds. I even think that I was a little quicker and faster reacting on the bike than my 250. But then once my riding buddy and my son began whipping on me, I went for my 250 (2stroke).

    To me there's nothing in the world that gets my soul up to temperature faster than when I lay that 250 over in a berm and then roll on the burner as you roost your way down the straight. Just the sound, the feel, and the fury of that rear wheel tearing loose clumps of earth. Hold on baby.........here I come!

    I will have me another 125, (or three) down the road.
  9. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    Yeah that funny cause I was gonna say now that I own both I see the appeal of the four stroke it is easier to ride but the bike seems to have no soul or character to it. Peoe admit the AMA never should have made the displacement so high and now that will never get changed. I just think it would be horrible if our only bike choice is to buy a four stroke or a ktm two stroke. I think if the four stroke started fading away like the two stroke is or was that people would probably just say oh well and not care too much
  10. John250

    John250 PR Founding Father

    Xenia, Ohio
    Racing Number:
    I held out on the 250s longer than most. Now that I am on the 450, I feel much smoother and faster, and it did make me a better rider. Problem is, I was in a local dealer two weeks ago, they had a white yz 450 '11 on floor for $8299. My first brand new YZ 250 in 1988 cost me $2800. I got my '07 450 for under $6000. So in 4 years they have taken a huge jump in price. Guys kept dealers in business buying new race bikes every year.......I used too. How many guys do you know that get brand new bikes every year now?
  11. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    Right on John, I was one of those guys with a new bike every year. But not any more...not at these prices.
    My last "new" purchase was a CRF 450 2007. Since then I have spent my money on a new, left-over 2006 YZ 125 in 08 and a new, left over 2008 CRF 450 in 09.
  12. mooch

    mooch PR Elite

    Just pulled that MXA out of the mailbox yesterday and besides the Musgrave article, they also have a good test article on the 2011 YZ250 that listed the small changes that have been made since 2006.

    As I've mentioned before, I had bought a new YZ450F and a new YZ250 in 2006. At first I liked the 450 but when I'd ride the 250 I enjoyed riding it more. As time went on I tried to bond with the 450 by forcing myself to ride it more and the 250 less. After a few months, I came to the conclusion that I was happier on the 250. Sold the 450 when it had 40 hours on it...at that time I only had 5 hours on the 250. Never missed not having the 450 anymore and still digging the the same 2006 YZ250.
  13. honda907

    honda907 PR Addict

    Tyrone, Pennsylvania, United States
    Racing Number:
  14. Scotty810

    Scotty810 PR Addict

    Dayton, Ohio
    I have quite a different perspective on this. My first bike is my current bike, 05 CRF450. I have never ridden a 2 stroke MX bike other than putting around in a field at my grandparents farm growing up. So while I don't have anything to compare to, I can still say I love MX and riding. If you've seen me ride, I'm sure it's no surprise that I learned/am still learning to ride on a 450, but thats OK. I know I will never make money at this and the majority of people are faster than me. I do this for fun, and a 450 is a BLAST for me! I haven't had any maintenance problems (knock on wood) and I take care of my "investment". Maybe someday I will ride a little bike on a track and realize I was missing something, but for now I'll keep riding what I have and enjoy it!
  15. k01

    k01 PR Elite

    "four-stroke bus driver" is the quote I can relate to. Always had the feeling that I was driving, not riding a four stroke. My first driving experience was a mid '90's 501 Husaberg. My last was a 525 after that bus landed on my head! I'm happy now, riding two-strokes again...
  16. When I came here from Hawaii in 2007 I was racing B on my Crf450, I could count on a top three finish at any of the local races I went to around here. I sold it and went to a Yz250 because the Crf was so much to maintain. Now I find myself a top 5 C class rider, in fact I can jump on anyones 450 and be faster than I am on my own 2 stoke. This sounds like I am 4 stroke supporter right? WRONG! I have broken 6 bones while racing MX, 5 of them were in a 3 year span on my 450 (the other was on a pit bike). Simply put it allowed me to be faster than I actually was. Sure I went alot faster but when things got hairy it all boiled down to I was a C rider racing at a B rider pace. Even though I was comfortable and confident going that speed when I started swapping I just did not have the talent and experience to correct it. 4 stokes allow this, they let most people to go faster than they safely can. There are other reasons why I like my 2 stroke more than a 4 stroke but this is the biggest reason. Now if I go fast it takes alot of concentration and I do NOT have the luxury of getting complacent like I can on a 4 stroke. I would rather work a little harder and develop my skills as a rider than to miss a whole season of riding because I took a short cut. Just my 2 cents.

    I take it back I have broken 7 bones, I did break a wrist on a 2 stroke, I was trying to race my knobby MX bike in a flat track race.
  17. hershey

    hershey PR Elite

    Ozone Layer
    Racing Number:
    Why would you move here from Hawaii ?????
  18. dmx153

    dmx153 PR Founding Father

    Paris, Ohio, United States
    Racing Number:
    I was wondering the same thing?
  19. Family in Ohio, and thats about it
  20. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    how about that tm in the back of the mag? That bike looks sick and they need to do a write up on one and the new husky two strokes. I heard the husky has a different frame and porting than the ktms so it will be different.

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