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Are you my father?

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by KTM5555, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
    Because I have joined the dark side... yes it is true. After saving up money to move out with my girl of 5 years, we broke up and I decided to go ahead and spend the money on a new bike instead.

    So I got me a 2011 CRF 450. The thing is, I always told people I would never go 4 stroke because of how expensive they are, and pound for pound 2 strokes are better anyways.

    Anyways, I've never ridden a 4 stroke. Is the transition from 2 stroke to 4 easy? What is the biggest thing you gotta get use to. I guess it would be the power being a lot smoother when delivered, and maybe engine breaking? I guess you might use the clutch/breaks less? I dunno. I like hitting jumps, prolly my favorite thing to do on a bike and on the 2 stroke I'm pretty much use to just having it in the powerband and keeping it basically pinned in whatever gear I happen to be in.

    I'm gonna break it in next week, going to make some visits to some indoor tracks... prolly not the best place to break in a new bike but what else can we do in Ohio? I guess we could cry.

    Also, do y'all recommend putting on a slip on muffler (silencer) instead of using stock? This bikes fuel injected so I'm thinking slip ons are ok... because I dont really want to buy a header too.. thats like 1200 bux : /

    Any recommendations? Am I gonna miss pinning the 2 stroker on the jumps or am I gonna fall in love with this bike?
  2. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
  3. barrington314

    barrington314 PR Elite

    massillon, oh
    Racing Number:
    nice. be careful not to burn up the clutch. and no, you dont need a pipe, that thing will be alot more power already than what your use to.
  4. TCracing

    TCracing PR Addict

    Nice bike. I am sure you are Jones'in to ride anywhere inside or out. Just remember break in proceedures... BE Easy on her. As for needing aftermarket exhaust. Thats a NO! Any 450 is by far more Power than most People Can use. You will be fine. Easier to ride actually. You will probably get a little lazier in your riding habits.
    Sort of like seeing people riding around the mall on a 1000cc sport bike at a whopping 20 mph and never in thier life are they ever gonna drag a knee around any corners yet they spend Huge amounts of $$$ on Exhaust, Mapping, and other performance mods that will never be tested to thier full potential. More of a want than a need I guess is what I'm tring to say.
    So no you will not need...anything for a 450, No mattter what color your riding but of course who doesn't want to make thier baby look FAST and HOT!!!


    Concord, NC
    Like Barrington said, they have plenty of power without an exhaust. Just a waste of money IMO after having it on two 450s years back. I've been 205lbs forever and it hauls me around good.
  6. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
    Honda clutches horrible? I've had the same clutch on my 250(2strke) for 2 years now... or is it just gonna feel weird becuz you use the clutch less on a 4(t)

    and yes im pretty excitied to ride the new beast... Bought it in winter instead of waiting till spring so they couldnt bring it out in the field and test ride.. dont want no one riding my bike!!
  7. TwentyThreeMX

    TwentyThreeMX PR Founding Father

    chesterland, oh
    The 011 Honda 450 has a weak clutch probably due to the weird designed pressure plate. Supposably stiffer springs are a cheap alternative. With a 450 and your skill level you'll be fine clicking it in 2nd or 3rd most places and just lug it around with little clutch at all.

    I don't wan a go back to 4 stroke but I can't find a ktm 2 stroke and I refuse to buy a new yz so I think my gas mixing days are also done. Fuel injection sounds fun.
  8. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
    Stacy I havent ridden with you since... well since my 21st birthday two years ago... where ya been?

    I'm going riding thursday.. still trying to figure out where the best indoor track is to break in a new bike/ have my first ride on a 4 stroke..
  9. sdjclevland

    sdjclevland PR Addict

    Ha I was just like you saying I don't think I will ever buy a four stroke cause I don't need it and the cost. So one day I said I wanna try it so I went and bought a 250f and my initial reaction to it was I really likes it a lot and for a week I thought to my self maybe I will well the two stroke after I rack more hours on it.

    I have had the 4t since November now and switch between the two and the 4t is a better fit for me cause the power but after giving it some time and such I really love my two stroke even more and it's way way more fun to ride. If I had to sell one tomorrow it would be the 4t.

    I thought going to the 4t was not bad. Just have to stay on gas when jumping and stay on gas a little in turns. But going back on a two stoke is more weird cause there is no engine braking and the feel is just different.

    Anyways if it's not too late you should keep the smoker. If you sell it now or two years from now it's not gonna change the sale price much and you can have both I'm very happy I have both and am never selling the yz unless I have to.
  10. yz146

    yz146 PR Addict

    Bay Village, OH
    Given your reason for buying I thought this recycled list was appropriate......... ;)

    Why a Motorcycle is better than a Woman

    1. Your motorcycle doesn't get upset when you forget it's birthday.
    2. You don't have to talk to your motorcycle after you ride it.
    3. You can choke your motorcycle.
    4. Your motorcycle doesn't get mad when you ignore it for a month or so.
    5. Motorcycles don't get jealous if you come home with grease under your fingernails.
    6. Motorcycles don't snore.
    7. Your motorcycle won't wake you up at 3:00 AM and ask you if you love it.
    8. Your motorcycle won't leave you for another rider.
    9. You don't have to pay child support / alimony to an ex-motorcycle.
    10. If you say bad things to your Motorcycles. you don't have to apologize before you can ride it again.
    11. If your Motorcycle doesn't look good. you can paint it or get better parts.
    12. If your Motorcycle goes flat. you can fix it.
    13. If your Motorcycle is misaligned. you don't have to discuss politics to correct it.
    14. If your Motorcycle is too loose. you can tighten it.
    15. If your Motorcycle is too soft. you can get different shocks.
    16. If your Motorcycle makes too much noise. you can buy a muffler.
    17. If your Motorcycle smokes. you can do something about it.
    18. It's always OK to use tie downs on your Motorcycle.
    19. Motorcycles always feel like going for a ride.
    20. Motorcycles don't care about how many other Motorcycles you have ridden.
    21. Motorcycles don't care about how many other Motorcycles you have.
    22. Motorcycles don't care if you are late.
    23. Motorcycles don't get pregnant.
    24. Motorcycles don't have parents.
    25. Motorcycles don't insult you if you are a bad rider.
    26. Motorcycles don't mind if you look at other Motorcycles. or if you buy Motorcycle magazines.
    27. Motorcycles don't whine unless something is really wrong.
    28. Motorcycles last longer.
    29. Motorcycles only need their fluids changed every 2.000 miles.
    30. Motorcycles' curves never sag.
    31. When riding. you and your Motorcycle both arrive at the same time.
    32. You can have a beer while riding your Motorcycle.
    33. You can kick your Motorcycle to wake it up.
    34. You can ride a Motorcycle as long as you want and it won't get sore.
    35. You can ride a Motorcycle any time of the month.
    36. You can share your Motorcycle with your friends.
    37. You can't get diseases from a Motorcycle you don't know very well.
    38. You don't have to be jealous of the guy that works on your Motorcycle.
    39. You don't have to take a shower before riding your Motorcycle.
    40. You only need to get a new chain or belt for your Motorcycle when the old one is REALLY worn.
    41. Your Motorcycle never wants a night out alone with the other Motorcycles.
    42. Your parents don't remain in touch with your old Motorcycle after you dump it.
    43. Your Motorcycle doesn't care what you're wearing when you take it out.
    44. You love buying RUBBER for your bike when you want to go on a long and hard ride.
    45. The rashes you get from motorcycles go away without those painful IM Penicillin shots.
    46. You don't get into trouble for storing disassembled pieces of the motorcycle in the basement.
    47. Disassembling the motorcycle is done out of pleasure rather than need.
    48. Motorcycles always sound pleasant.
  11. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    I have a '10 CRF450R.

    Yes.. you want a pipe. At least a header if not a full system. Really wakes the bike up and allows for much more over-rev. After you get that send out that ECU to Eddie Sisneros ( http://www.sisnerosspeedworks.com/honda-ecm-reprogramming ) and get it remapped for $50. Those two things made the bike into a whole new machine. Crazy throttle response over stock and easier starting/less stalling in corners.

    Also I don't know where you are seeing full systems for $1200. I purchased a full Yosh (alum) system for right around $400 shipped. Sure it's no fancy TI CF blablabla but it works and looks/sounds great. Also I know they changed the '11 to try and get rid of the "stinkbug" ride that the 09-10s have. I still haven't figured out why people complain so much about the way the new CRFs handle.. it seems fine to me. But I'm slow so that probably has something to do with it. Anyways I love my '10 so your '11 should be even cooler!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    Oh and yes people will complain about the clutch among other things. Lots of stalling in corners when you first get on the bike. Just took some getting used to. Since I had mine re-mapped I haven't stalled it once.

    Hmmmm what else. The stock tires aren't the best. Refer to thumpertalk if you want to read 500000 threads of people *****ing about the 09-11 450s :cool: :p:p

    RAMJAMMX PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    I have a ti4 pipe off our 09. Headpipe is new with one ride and can has stickers scratched up. No dings or dents. Getting rid of the Hondas and selling the pipe for 500 if interested.

    All I did on the 09 was get the stiffer springs and we had no problems. I think the ones we used were from a xr650. Call Hinson and double check that those would be the right ones.
  14. Paul Mac

    Paul Mac PR Addict

    Columbus OH
    Racing Number:
    buy some insurance, then your next post won't be "Reward for stolen bike"
  15. freeh

    freeh PR Founding Father

  16. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    do this as well. i pay around $80 a year for fire/theft on my bikes. worth it for the peace of mind..

    ebay.. cheapest new full system on there right now is $390 with free shipping.
  17. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    You don't need anything aftermarket. If the suspension isn't right for you get it done. But all my Honda stuck to the corners like glue. You're gonna love the power of that beast.

    Change the oil after every two rides and you'll have minimal maintenance. In 2 of my Honda I went through 1 clutch.

    You'll find out you don't need the clutch anymore except in starts. No need to feather the Honda.

    With 4 strokes keep shifting, don't ring them out. And you'll be surprised at how your corner speed will pick up.

    I would wait until outside to learn to ride that thing. Stay away from indoors.
  18. KTM5555

    KTM5555 PR Addict

    Fort Polk
    I dont mind riding indoors, its pretty fun... I'm just trying to find a more tame one then the others so I can break it in.. you know I cant resist riding it..
  19. TBO

    TBO PR Addict

    Powell Ohio
    Racing Number:
    Agee with georgie dont waist your money on after market products until you have ridden it for a while and then decide what you might need. I would also tear that thing down while its cold out and grease steering head and rear linkage. Hour meters are also a great investment,log all of your oil changes and records with the date and hour meter reading in your maunal.
  20. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    450 is a lot of machine, especially if youre not accustomed to jumping them. You can't let off on the face lime 2 strokes. You have to be on the gas, 4 strokes require a lot more throttle control to avoid front end drop.

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