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1st Malvern race of the year

Discussion in 'Race Updates' started by yamadogyz, Mar 11, 2011.

  1. So who's gonna be there? March 27th, first race of the year. Anyone who is gonna be there stop on by and say hi, might help with the pre race jitters. My plates are the only ones like it, white on blue #55. This should be my first real race in my life, quite frankly I can't wait. I've been counting down the day since January! Anyhow, just throwing it out there!
  2. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    Welcome to racing Ray….Good Luck …
    …..and remember ya don’t need to win practice or this particular event. There will be a whole bunch of racing going on around you over the summer months.
  3. Indeed there will. I just want to come in somewhere in the middle and not get hurt, for the first few times at least. Thanks!
  4. Mingo_Kid

    Mingo_Kid PR Member

    Does anyone think that there will be anyway that they have an open practice this week?
    They have the past couple of years and the weather looks good for this week?

    Race season is here!!
    Good Luck everyone!!
  5. Shawn Page

    Shawn Page PR Member

    has anyone heard if they are redoing the track anything new on layout.. ill be there if my bikes ready. First motocross in awhile.
  6. Awesome Shawn, I'll thumbs up you if I see a 789. Does anyone know if they plan on having a practice this wednesday?
  7. faithlove617

    faithlove617 PR Addict

    North Canton, OH
    Oh yeah...motocross fever. Ray, welcome to the motocross family, like Pitracer said...learn the ropes and enjoy mx. My first race was a harescramble when I was about 8, first time really around alot of riders, I pulled over and balled my eyes out on the first lap; I was so scared, ended up being a quick first race.

    As for the track...no practice this week, dirt is soft and we are putting all our effort into the first race. Our first practice may be the following wednesday, we will have the finalized schedule completed soon and will be posted on our website, on here, and flyers available at the track and Kames Sports for now.

    We have not made any major track changes yet...but it will happen, it's just hard this time of year ya know with the dirt. The track could be different between now and Sunday with high hopes to run the day course which is looking like a reality, but not making promises other than the track will be in the best possible condition we can make it. Looks like the weather is going to be dry and colder on Sunday for Malvern Racing and Area 330.

    Personally, I am fired up for the season to start, for everyone; all riders and tracks, just the sport really. See ya there! Brap!
  8. Ah yeah man! I'm there for sure! It's alright about the practice, my mom wants me to head out to apple cabin or battlesburg before the race but I don't think they will be open during the week. Anyhow, thanks for the info faith, will I be able to get my CRA at sign up?
  9. nitrofish

    nitrofish PR Addict

    Yee Haw! Hope the weather holds. The boy is stoked, I on the other hand I shall sit this one out. Practice your starts Yamadogyz, don't try to be a hero and remember once you race one you are hooked forever! My first race I came in 14th, my dad thought that would get rid of the itch, wrong! Thousands of dollars worth of plastic and marble now grace his home, because I refuse to take them. LOL. That was 1986. Now Jack is begining to collect the marble and plastic, jokes on me! Matt.
  10. faithlove617

    faithlove617 PR Addict

    North Canton, OH
    Yes Yamadogyz, you can purchase your CRA membership at all CRA events. Just go riding your first race, everyone has ants in their pants at the beginning of the season, no sense in trying to topple the field the first race in your case. Its shaping up to be a great day of motocross, I hope atleast.
  11. Sure looks like it, I plan on taking it easy through this one, for sure. Thanks again!
  12. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    Malvern is all set for an announcer right? If not I'm available...
  13. This summer I'm appling to work for track fees on the weekends at the local tracks, if I can find you an announcer position then your in haha
  14. RYDN25

    RYDN25 PR Member

    How is the track looking?
  15. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:

    And I'm an idiot..I'm not available this Sunday. I thought Malverns first race was a Saturday event. Whoops. I'll be down at 330.
  16. faithlove617

    faithlove617 PR Addict

    North Canton, OH
    I won't be to the track until tomorrow, the other guys have been down there. We will give an update tomorrow. I am thinking it will be good for Malvern and 330 because we haven't got as much bad weather as they were forecasting. Carrolton is a little further south than Waynesburg so I can't say for sure. It's been dry for the most part, the sun is out and the wind is blowing, so that will help dry things up. For this time of year, I am really happy for 330 and Malvern, as these are good weather conditions. So go race!!! or ride!!!

    Mr. Baker, we're good on announcing at Malvern. Thank you for the offer. If ever a time comes up, you will be contacted first.
  17. faithlove617

    faithlove617 PR Addict

    North Canton, OH
    2011 CRA Motocross Season Opener at Malvern Racing Sunday, March 27!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    Only a few days until we are off the couch and on the throttle. We are very excited for the 2011 CRA Motocross season to kick-off this Sunday here at Malvern Racing. It has been a long winter for all us, and were all ready to do some riding.

    We have no special events for the first race; however The Kames Series and the Bair's Womens Series are both back. We will have new schedules at the first race with some good events coming up as well as a practice schedule.

    We haven't made any significant track changes yet...but they will come. We are hoping to run the day course Sunday if the weather works out...so we will see what happens. The track will be in the best condition we can make it. Hopefully it all works out as weather reports are a little mixed but hopeful. Free camping is available Saturday night. Campfires are OK!!!

    Gate Opens at 7am
    Sign-Up at 8am
    Practice at 9am
    Riders meeting directly after practice. First riders meeting is the most important.
    Racing at about 10:30am

    1st Class - $25.00
    2nd Class - $15.00
    Gate Fee - $10.00

    Awards - 1st - 5th
    You can choose from a trophy, t-shirt or Kames Bucks.
    Kames Bucks is $20.00 for 1st, $15.00 for 2nd, $15.00 for 3rd, $10.00 for 4th and 5th.

    Moto-X will be on site for trackside support.
    Concessions available.

    We hope the sport continues to grow and hope everyone has a good season where ever your riding or racing. Thank you everyone for supporting Malvern Racing throough the 43 years of its existence. We really hope to continue to grow as racetrack and to be the best we can to provide a quality family motocross event.

    See ya there! BBBRRAAAPPP!!!
  18. Just making sure, 3 and 4 laps, 2 motos. When is 250C running? A&B 450, A&B 250, C 450, C 250, whats the order?
  19. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    So yamadog, is racing what you expected now that the day is over? how was the day for you?
  20. welll, they sooo wipe the floor with me. Although I avoided wrecking which is better than most in my class. One guy must have been carried out to the hospitial. 17 people in 250C. I had one of the worse starts of my life. I hesitated and it put me straight to the back. I was told there would be 3 and 4 laps 2 motos. They didn't tell us which order though. I raced through, and it looked to me like the flagger was flagging me off the way he looked at me and seemed to point to the staging area. About a dozen people saw why I got confused and and saw me go back to the pits thinking the race was over, the other 388 didn't haha, so they must have took me as a dumbass. After that I went back to the truck, poped my bike up, grabbed a cold water and headed to watch the pros. After about 2 classes I started feeling sick and really lightheaded. I went back to the truck for awhile and then found out I wasn't racing my 2nd moto for another like 3 hours I went to wait it out but didn't feel well so we loaded up and went home. Am I disappointed in myself, yes, because I quit under my own free will, I forgot my techniques that I have been practicing for years, and picked a bad gate. On top I didn't make any outdoor practices and expected too much of myself for the first race. Did I regret going? Absolutly not, I raced and have that much to say for myself, more than most people. Now I have a month to get stronger, smarter, and faster. I can take advantage of this and come back better than ever May 1st. There will be many races this year and I screwed one up, all I can do is get better for the next. Don't whine, Don't blame, and Don't make excuses. I just have to work harder to be faster and nothing more. Although I did meet some real cool people along the way in addition. Anyone who is racing their first, you will lose most likey so ride smart and safe and treat it like a practice. Don't try to be a hero, and most definatly no matter what, don't quit, DON'T! that was the biggest flaw I ever made.

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