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Apple cabin whoops, what do you think???

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by Rogers365, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Rogers365

    Rogers365 PR Addict

    West Salem
    Last night I ate it really hard in the whoops. Maybe just being a little to aggresive,thats what can happen. Anyway, once I could breath again we were talking and Frank made mention that he planned to change the whoops when it got dry enough. I just wondered what everyones thoughts are? I say leave them. My son just moved to the big track this year and that is definetly his weakest section of the track but all that does is leave room for improvment wich equals more confiedence. Unfortunatly almoast no tracks have whoops anymore but lessons learned in the whoops absolutly benefit the rider all over the track!! Who here hasnt come into a nasty corner full of braking bumps, got a little squirly and had to gather the bike back under them? Its the same fundamentals. Change them, tear them out or leave them, we all love the Cabin. I just thought this would give Frank a gauge of what most people want because I know that means everthing to him.
  2. hersh552

    hersh552 PR Addict

    N. Ridgeville, OH
    I wasn't there to see them Jason, but if there wasn't someone crashing every lap then leave em'. Riders need to be able to identify the difficult obstacles on a track and respect them. Back in the day Amherst always had a tough whoop section. We were not members there at the time and i struggled miserably through them. I knew that was a weak point of mine so I was cautious when going through the whoops there. We became members at Amherst meadowlarks shortly there after. I worked hard at getting through the whoops better and better. Pretty soon I couldn't wait to go to a track that had a gnarly set of whoops!

    So keep the challenging whoops and let the riders adapt to them. America in general has become "sissyfied" as far as kids go with winning and losing. (not keeping score and all that BS). I think this falls into the same category. "Daddy, the woops are too hard" "Well son, I'll see if the track owner will tear them out" no no no! "daddy, the woops are too hard" "Well son, let's try to figure out how to get through them better" yes yes yes!
  3. I say leave them, if there's any problem then they could tone them down a little, round them off mabey. If anything I'd like to see more tracks with more whoops.
  4. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    That section makes sure my arm pump never wears off!

    I do like them though.. just wish I had the balls to pin it through the whole thing.
  5. KTMkarl794

    KTMkarl794 PR Addict

    I hear that! But that's also the reason I do love them, by the end of the summer maybe us apple cabin regulars will be able to go a whole moto with no arm pump! I grew up in michigan, and with it's somewhat sandy natural terrain, the endless miles of trails where always whooped out. Those are the whoops I personally love, natural, slightly sandy, deep, with enough distance between them that if you get tired you can almost just double them. Red bud, Baja Acres, Log Road, Freelin, Dutch Sport Park all had (or have) a decent set of whoops but nothing like you would find in the woods in michigan. It seems track makers always want to place them practically on top of each other in more of a supercross like manner, which I think is very challenging, especially for people that don't have too much experience, hell even pro's struggle!

    I would personally say keep them, they help build skills, get in shape, and help you find that suspension setup you've been working for. But I would love to see them have a little more space between them and a little more sand, a bit more of a natural shape to them, it would make them easier to maintain and less work to fix them once they get some ruts and lines developed.

    Then Frank should head over to Amherst and build some real whoops for them, not those short, sharp, speed bumps they have now! :p
  6. beenridin

    beenridin PR Elite

    Cleveland, Ohio, United States
    Racing Number:
    Lioked them...Jack did too...
  7. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    I like whoops, consider myself above average at going through them, but I would take them out.
    I just think that AC is more fun with a more casual "riding" layout as opposed to a hard core racing/practice layout.

    Saw a lot of people skipping them last night, or jumping off the first one diagonally and missing most of the rest.
  8. Lotts24

    Lotts24 PR Elite

    Macedonia, OH
    Racing Number:
    I don't hate them, they def. keep the arm pump nice and fresh. I was going through them lap after lap not doing so well and I thought I would stop and see how others were doing them. That didn't tell me much as many people skipped them. So I was thinking I have been beating myself up every lap and the kiddos were skipping them. LOL I am game either way, I don't mind them.
  9. TwentyThreeMX

    TwentyThreeMX PR Founding Father

    chesterland, oh
    never been there but will be next time its open... but i would say leave them. not enough tracks have them. if you can pound out motos on a tough practice track, a nice fresh groomed race track should be no problem!! im all for tough practice tracks
  10. Throttlejockey

    Throttlejockey PR Member

    As a rider. I personally find the whoops to be challenging, which makes putting in the motos a lot more challenging and keeps me on my toes. In return, I'm sure it makes me a better rider overall and I'm perfectly fine rolling them 50% of the time and trying to skim them the other 50%...It's the riders choice to attack them or to simply roll them.

    However, from the perspective of looking at the majority of the riders who show up to practice at Apple Cabin, do I think the whoops are necessary? Definitely not. I would say over 80% of the riders who go to Apple Cabin are there to "just ride", and they enjoy the other challenges the track offers...I've also seen multiple people go down hard in the whoops, while many others have came very close to swapping out.....Just my 2cents.

    On a different note. I will admit watching riders like Gallo hammer the whoops makes me want to load my bike and watch him "Do Work".
  11. LuckyStar64

    LuckyStar64 PR Addict

    They'd have to be better than the Smith Rd. whoop setup..... no? --Tony C.
  12. KTMkarl794

    KTMkarl794 PR Addict

    I wouldn't even call those whoops! They remind me of the Ten Commandments at Lorretta Lynns! Can't hardly double them, and NOOOO way your "skimming" through them!

    But yes, the cabin's whoops are much better haha
  13. Personally I really really like circle T's whoops, they're great.
  14. MX315

    MX315 PR Addict

    i think the whoops are cool on a track..but the whoops at the cabin are just in a weird spot...I see guys flying though them...and 2feet away little kids playing with trucks on the ground....Or everyone sets up chairs over there and sits and watchs the track.....Whoops good...whoops 2feet away from spectators not good.........Whoops you pin it though...not good...Maybe put them in a different spot since your changing it up anyway....Maybe throw in a table to table where the whoops are...Just my thoughts...Love the CABIN...
  15. P K 6 N

    P K 6 N PR Addict

    make them bigger, then people will go slower through them. ha
  16. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    I say post up a sign at the beginning of the whoop section in bold letters frank!

    "Take Extra caution, because you may get bit."

    I hate how a lot of people complain to tone down tracks....then on the other spectrum people complain to the track that they're not a challenging enough track. Be happy to ride! Good thread jason, the guy ate it through the whoops and still says leave them...that's how all riders should be thinking! Taking accountability for their own riding actions!
  17. flyin polack

    flyin polack PR Addict

    Wilmot, Ohio
    Racing Number:
    how about make the side where momentum takes you still the whoops and the other half of the track less technical since people were skipping them?
  18. Josh3

    Josh3 PR Member

    Are you changing the tracks at all soon? like making different jumps.
  19. BriarcliffMx

    BriarcliffMx PR Founding Father

    George hit it on the head. When you're running a decent track, and your turnouts are good. There is one major issue; you have so many varying degrees of skill. If you tame it down, half the guys are disgruntal. Than you add some technical stuff in there, and the other half freak out. YOU CANT WIN! Trust your gut, thats what I do. Nothing wrong with changing up every now and then to please both sides. Thats what I TRY to do.
  20. leave them ,like rogers said they help you build skills and make you a more rounded rider all over, track tracks are to g rated how are you going to get better if only do things your good at ,focus where you are weak and it will make you better all over, people can ride around them

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