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I see newcomers to the board....

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by GeorgiePorgie, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    I see a bunch of new opinions a lot with under 10 posts....if you're relatively new on the board please take a minute to introduce yourselves if you can, we like meeting new contributers to our forum.

    Happy postings.

    Not our forum, pits forum...lol.
  2. alphado

    alphado PR Founding Father

    Erie, PA
  3. Woody

    Woody PR Addict

    Newark, OH
    Racing Number:
    Well I guess I'm new here, I was a member about 4 years ago and went away for a while.

    We take a lot of pics at Briarcliff and post them to our site as well as printing pics at the track. We have done some product shoots as well.

    I ride one of those dirtbikes with training wheels so beware!
  4. LuckyStar64

    LuckyStar64 PR Addict

    I'm not new, just changed my name from TonyC to Luckystar64. HaHa! So watch out for me! ---L*64
  5. Mxdad402

    Mxdad402 PR Member

    Hi I'm new. Been racing now for 3 yrs. I used to race flat track in the 70s. Now I'm a Mx'er..
  6. compton

    compton PR Member

    Hi, I guess I am a former turned new member. Now I am just an former moto dad.

  7. Jon16

    Jon16 PR Founding Father

    Canton, OH
    Very cool to have some new members. Welcome guys!
  8. factory 113

    factory 113 PR Addict

    thornville , oh
    Racing Number:
    Im kinda new . Been following pitracer for about 4 years. Heard about it through j.o. from the cliff ,love that place. cant wait till spring.
  9. RT749

    RT749 PR Member

    Perry, Ohio
    Hi, I'm new to this board. I think it is awesome to have something like this. I raced mx in the early 90's and now just started riding again last year. I just bought an 08 YZ 250. Glad to be on here and back riding again.

  10. Bill480

    Bill480 PR Addict

    Racing Number:
    I had a couple hundred posts on the old Pitracer but alas they were all gone when the switch was made.. ooops.

    Keep a lookout for a white van with a couple Hondas in it.. #480 and #6. Thats me and my buddy.
  11. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    Where-oh-where did you find a nice used YZ 250????.....I've been looking and looking to no avail
  12. tm141

    tm141 PR Member

    Nashport Ohio
    There is an 08 YZ250 in the classifieds on Harescrambletalk. It is located in Sugar Grove (COCR).
  13. RT749

    RT749 PR Member

    Perry, Ohio
    I got it from a guy I met last summer. He has a few KTM's & needed to unload it for a new 350sxf. The bike only has 15 hrs. on it. Very good condition! Can't wait to ride it!
  14. C Hudak

    C Hudak PR Addict

    Lordstown, OH
    Racing Number:
    Marc, I think Randy Hail is selling his 08 YZ 250. He is a CRA harescrambler. I think he used to have his own shop over by PA (Hail on wheels) or something like that.
    I can try and get ahold of him if you want.
  15. MarctheSharc

    MarctheSharc PR Founding Father

    Just checked out the one on Harescrambletalk. Nice bike set up for woods and a tons of extras. I'm looking for a stock (ish) bike with low hours.
  16. k01

    k01 PR Elite

  17. Ron505

    Ron505 PR Founding Father

    Bremen, Ohio
    Welcome to all the fresh meat!
  18. I guess I'm kinda new.. My Names Ray. I'm from Orrville Oh, 13 years old. My rides a 2009 YZ250F. I'm training for schoolboy at Malvern for 2011. Not a whole lot to see I guess haha, kinda nice to get to know the other riders from the local tracks.
  19. jfalat

    jfalat PR Addict

    brimfield ohio
    Racing Number:
    Sharc i was going to sale my 08 yz 250 and buy a 450 pig!!!! but i just cant bring my self to do it. i think????
  20. ken

    ken PR Member

    Ok, I am announcing my newness. Although I have viewed Pitracer for years and spend time riding in OH, I am activly involved in the racing organization here in Pa (and now Oh). I always got a kick when I would recognize a vet poster on Pit, from racing at High Point, OIR, 330, Spring Valley etc. My name is Ken, and can normally be found in all of the Vet classes (middle of the pack) but always having fun.

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