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Ahh, the "C-class" thread

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by GeorgiePorgie, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    For all the new arrivals to big bikes for this year, do remember that:

    The following criteria are to be used when determining a rider’s eligibility for the C class:
    1. *No rider is to be classified as a C rider if that rider had a RPV of 15 or higher the previous year in the C class or a 12-16 youth division. (*Ahem* Supermini *cough*)
    2. No rider is to be classified as a C rider if that rider has ever been classified as an A or Expert rider.
    3. No rider is to be classified as a C rider if that rider has qualified for the AMA Amateur Motocross Nationals in any previous year in any class.
    4. No rider is to be classified as a C rider if that rider is receiving or has ever received any type of OEM factory support in any class.
    5. If a rider does not have enough points paying finishes to calculate their RPV points or does not meet any of the above criteria, they may not participate in the C class if they have raced the C, Beginner or any Youth class above 12- years old prior to June 1, 2007. (AMA Rulebook, pg. 25).

    Every year I announce and see so many familiar names that were once of Supermini listing in the 250C, 450C classes...C class is not for you, it's for true novices. Those who engage in this activity are cheating themselves, you will become a better rider in a better and more stable "B" class.

    Best of luck in the 2011 Racing season!
  2. faithlove617

    faithlove617 PR Addict

    North Canton, OH
    I should prolly know, but please help me. What is RPV?
  3. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    I think RocketRobin is real familiar with this. It's on page 24 of the rule book.

    In a nutshell if your average RPV is above 15 you get bumped. I want to say it's called Rider Point Value or something similar. They just use it to determine your Average points received through the previous race year...It's explained in full detail in the AMA rulebook.

    This doesn't pertain to CRA. They have their own set rules.
  4. HoyackRacing829

    HoyackRacing829 PR Elite

    Word... I definitely should have been in C class when i started, But the last 2 years i raced i was just cheating myself, you dont learn anything with a 25 second lead. I dont race now because im scared to get hurt and Clevenger has converted me into seeing what a waist of money racing really is. lol.

    On the low, Baker is just pissed cause he did the right thing and still got caught and passed by the leaders in C class when he rode B. Dont ask him about it, hes touchy.
  5. saplakc

    saplakc PR Addict

    C Class

    So if I raced a few 30 plus class races last year and finished in the back of the pack would I be able to race C class? I got my a*$ kicked those guys were quick....???? And would C class be worth it?
  6. PitRacer

    PitRacer PR Founding Father

    Medina, Ohio
    You're fine, race whatever skill you feel you best fit into and go from there.

    I've always been a firm believer that A,B,C are skill levels are are attainable as such. This has nothing to do with how long one has participated. I know people that have raced for 30 years and are C riders, and there is nothing wrong with that because they truly are in the C skill level.

    The racers that are abusing this clearly stand out and should be made to move up accordingly.
  7. saplakc

    saplakc PR Addict

    I raced 2 times last year in the 30 plus. It was alot of fun but a little discouraging due to the fast guys in that class? Would the 450 C class be a better fit? I am not trying to be a pro... Got to go to work on Monday so just looking to have fun and be competitive... Thanks for the help.
  8. C Hudak

    C Hudak PR Addict

    Lordstown, OH
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    What if you were an A rider, took off a year or two of racing, just had a baby, and didn't get to go to Georgia this winter, could my cousin Greg, race C class this year?
  9. firedan

    firedan PR Addict

    Amherst, Ohio
    Stick with the Vet classes +30,+40 and so on. All the guys in your class have to work also. If you race 250 or 350C you are certain to get ran over. I wish the CRA would have a VET C class like district 12 had. +30 C was a blast to race. Some guys would actually stop racing and ask you if you were ok if you went down.
  10. pasimp57

    pasimp57 PR Addict

  11. beamer315

    beamer315 PR Addict

    akron, ohio
    I am pretty sure that there isnt a single Hudak on the planet that is eligible for C class. And especially not "cousin Greg" Just messing. I welcome all the Hudaks. None of you can ride anyways. lol
  12. LuckyStar64

    LuckyStar64 PR Addict

    FireDan... I was hoping for +40 "D", and possibly "F" (for failure) class(es) in 2012.... haha! I think John is referring to me when he mentioned guys that have been racing for (too many) years and are still "C" riders. I really enjoy riding bikes-- I just don't happen to have alot of riding skillz is all!

    Seriously though-- in the later '90's, I raced 125C, and finished between 5th and 10th-- (usually closer to 10th). When I showed up the next year in the same class-- was I cheating since I could finish better than 15th? What if there were only 15 riders in the class when you raced? Haha! I have no intentions of racing again, unless I get a vintage bike, or pit bikes-- but I was just curious as to how the rules are structured. --Tony C.
  13. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    Lol. That can't be far from the truth. Henry, Beckett and I battled for 2 seasons in B. No C riders were around us. In fact we were the only ones at the time who went from super mini to B class because we wanted to get faster. We could ride laps around C riders on 80s.

    Your collarbone break at oir was due to being in the squidpack holeshot you shouldn't of been in Hoyack. Ha.

    Hoyack and I are friends BTW, for readers...
  14. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    I should clarify my intentions of this post. It was aimed at youth riders, not vet riders who work the 9-5...
  15. TCracing

    TCracing PR Addict

    Just go to the AMA advancement list if you are on the advancement list then you know you have earned the right to ride in the next higher class, if not, Do your best and have fun in the class you are in.
  16. shaffstall721

    shaffstall721 PR Member

    Maybe thats because your "80" was really a 110 LOL
  17. I have B class skills but, a crash at Grumpy Vally on April 1 2000 in 125B resulted in permanent nerve damage in my right hand. The throttle hand is very important and I have a hard time hanging on. My biggest things I cant do anymore on a bike is blitz whoops and powering up a face of a jump while standing up. I have to either seat bounce or speed jump using momentum. Thats why I ride C CLASS! I fly around tracks with no whoops and jumps that dont require power up face while standing. The nerve damage in my right hand makes the 125 2 stroke my bike of choice, the 250 2 stroke, and 450 4 stroke are too much for my hand. At almost 300 lbs with gear on I am at a serious disadvantage in the weight to power ratio. I am somewhat faster on a 250F but I will stick with a 125. There might be a 144cc or higher kit on the way soon. BOY I THINK I HAVE SAID TOO MUCH!!!
  18. suzuki596

    suzuki596 PR Member

    n. ridgeville, oh
    i raced super mini last year but i would get last in the b class......
  19. Tom

    Tom PR Elite

    Try a thumb throttle for a quad. I know a guy with the same thing and he loves it.
  20. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
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    What place were you getting consistently in Supermini? B is safer for sure IMO.

    When you're young and healthy fresh off superminis...C class isn't going to help you as a rider.

    and really I would just go by RPV for the guys that claim to not race much. year after year if you don't hit the 15 cut off then keep racing C. Many people never get close to 15, but many are also close to 20-24 who continue to sign up for C year after year after year.

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