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BC Battle round PW class issues

Discussion in 'MX/SX General' started by JB19, Aug 31, 2015.

  1. JB19

    JB19 PR Member

    Marion, Ohio
    This thread has been started by the moderator solely for the purpose of not hijacking a positive thread about the Briarcliff Battle race. The posts were moved here and this thread WAS NOT started by any one user.

    This was my issue. Anyone who ever raced a pw or is a dad of one should understand. I don't see how pushing him off the starting line is teaching him anything.
  2. JB19

    JB19 PR Member

    Marion, Ohio
  3. mikeschaefer

    mikeschaefer PR Member

    Looks to me like he was simply keeping him up. Clearly not pushing.
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  4. GeorgiePorgie

    GeorgiePorgie PR Founding Father

    Ohio the 440
    Racing Number:
    Guy in Orange had hand on fender too. Nobody freaked on that guy. Daves kid is real small. The gate can hang him up and he would flop over.

    I get it from other side too. Nobody should touch the bikes but he wasn't blatantly pushing off and his kids real small.
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  5. mooch

    mooch PR Elite

    I'm not sure if that "push" would have given any kind of unfair advantage.
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  6. JB19

    JB19 PR Member

    Marion, Ohio
    Pitracer faithful out in full force to support their own. The kid is a good rider. He doesn't need daddy to help him from a dead stop. Dave does this all the time. That's why I was ready for it.

    The rules state to be away from the rider. If not how to we decide how much of a push matters?
    I don't think he liked it when I told him to find Ryan Dungey and cry some more for an autograph.
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  7. JB19

    JB19 PR Member

    Marion, Ohio
    I didn't start this thread. Not sure why it was turned into a thread. I posted the video in the Briarcliff thread because the situation was brought up.
  8. loneranger171

    loneranger171 PR Addict

    I don't know either of you so I'm not picking sides but I guess my question is did the kids have fun? If so just squash it and be happy you got to spend time with your families doing what you love. All good!
  9. Meister

    Meister PR Founding Father

    Racing Number:
    From a referee stand point, no, neither father should have had hands on the bike.

    However, im a realist as well. From a real world stand point as a racer who once was kinda serious but now does it purely for fun... Did that make one bit of difference or make any sort of clear advantage? Was it worth bitching about? Uh. No. As someone said, did the kids have fun? That's all that really matters. Takes a real special person to make a big deal on the starting line of a pw50 race.
  10. Ryan598

    Ryan598 PR Member

    I have hardly been to a race that it wasn't mentioned in the riders meeting for parents to back away from their kid once the card turns. It is how
    It has always been and anyone who has raced very much knows to back away before the gate drops. I don't even have a kid that rides and I know that.
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  11. Vargo671

    Vargo671 PR Addict

    Is that a Shoei helmet?? What happened to Airoh?
  12. Meister

    Meister PR Founding Father

    Racing Number:
    That last sentence I believe would play a large roll in your stance on the matter..

    I'm gonna have to give my wife the controller to my dogs shock collar that I'll be wearing if my daughter decides to ride at that age.

    "Babe, if I'm touching Dakotas bike when the 2 card comes up, hit the warning. If im touching it when the 1 card comes up, hit me on high mode. If its sideways and I'm touching it, get the 12 guage with the bean bags n let me have it."

    Vargo, my guess is the airoh is crispier than a bag of cheap dog jerky.
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  13. mikeschaefer

    mikeschaefer PR Member

    Not sure really what you are after by posting a video. Disqualification of the rider? Maybe mad due to possibly in your eyes getting away with something? I'm not a PitRacer faithful out to support anyone! Just don't think you needed to take a video to try and throw anyone under a bus!
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  14. MX315

    MX315 PR Addict

    Man I wish I had the time to get on here and bitch about some dude pushing...holding..helping or whatever the hell you see him doing!!! Its a father helping his son ride a dirt bike that's all I see.....people need to get a damn life! And how many kids are on the line TWO???? what the hell happen to us??? It's freaking motocross...Have fun and relax!
  15. B Gotti

    B Gotti Noob

    If you can't do everything by yourself the kid has no business on the track. This goes back to whole my kid deserves a participation trophy generation. I bet dungys dad didn't help him start when he was on 50's.
  16. JB19

    JB19 PR Member

    Marion, Ohio
    If it doesn't matter then why do it to start with? And Hershey is the one who came up to me and did the big chest bump intimidation move and I kept my cool.

    He's also the one who yelled at me and asked if I was mad because his kid was going to beat mine? I wasnt willing to touch that because I wasn't going to roll around in the mud belittling little kids.

    Like I said, his kid is a good rider and he doesn't need daddys help leaving the starting line.

    It's no wonder that the guys at the races talk about pitracer like it is a bunch of crazies. Bunch of guys on here saying I'm taking it too serious. My kid went dnf and 7th, so we're obviously not there to prove anything. I had my days racing at Loretta's......we don't go racing unless my son says he wants to go. If he doesn't we find something else to do.

    In my opinion, this guys history speaks for itself. Same guy who tried to make Dungey out to be a villain.
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  17. JB19

    JB19 PR Member

    Marion, Ohio
    But you have time to post in a thread about 50 riders. Like I said, the crazies are loose.
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  18. MX315

    MX315 PR Addict

    JB ... You need to let this go...Yes DAVE was a ass for making dung look like a villain ...But your doing the same thing!!!! Complaining about kids riding F-ING PW 50's for chirst sake!!!!
  19. MX315

    MX315 PR Addict

    We have a new leader in crazy land!!!! DAVE move over! Haha
  20. Jim598

    Jim598 PR Addict

    MX315, do you know how to read? where has JB19 complained about kids riding pw 50s??

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